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Why did this happen..

Why did I do that..

Why did I say that..

Why do you hate me..

Why is it my fault..

Why do you blame me..

Why did you tell everyone..

Why did you get them to hate me..





Why am I letting you steal my heart!

Why did you break me!

Why is it all of a sudden my fault!





Why did you lie...

Why did you do that to me...

Why did you make me think that you loved me too...

Why did I believe that someone like you would like someone like me...

Why did you hurt me...

Why did you let me wear your hat... give you cuddles.. hugs.. kisses..

Why was I a game to you...

Why did I deserve this...

I think about you every night! I loved you!

I tried so hard to move on but then I saw those pictures of you and me...

Do you feel the same way?

Did you love me?

Did I matter to you?

Did you know...? Hah

Did you know that..

I played you too...?

You thought you broke me..

We were in the most toxic relationship..

I made you love me.

I acted the whole time.

That's why I have the solid nickname of The 'Player'.

Plus I'm a really good actor.

I must have been with guys and girls drooling over me.

I could just pick one and they'd be mine for around a week.

I felt bad for breaking people's hearts..


No one will care in about 5 years.

Who knows maybe I'll lose that nickname.

Maybe I won't have to act like a 'softy'.

Maybe I'll move on..

Maybe I'll forget you..

Maybe just maybe..

Probably not..

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