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Authors note?

*I know like everyone works hard on books and if you like my book could you please read more of my books, comment on my chapters, or maybe even write a review? (You don't have to I was just saying that would make me kinda happy)*

I guess I'll have this chapter to be just an author's note? So if you want to skip this chapter go ahead I'm not gonna stop you!

But if you're still here I would like to say that I hope you guys are staying safe from Covid and your family are healthy and safe! (This might sound weird since I don't know your guy's family! So sorry about that!

Could you guys comment like what your fav season is? Mine is either summer or winter because both of those times I get to go on family vacations! Plus that's the time that I came either snowboard, dug and play in snow, swim in a pool, hang with friends, school being out, and I have a pond in my backyard and it freezes in winter so I ice skate with just regular boots!

I hope that 2021 is better than 2020! But I mean doesn't everyone?

Jets get through this together and hope it goes by really fast by doing stuff like washing our hands (Mine are already cracked and really dry from hand sanitizer and washing my hands so often!), social distancing (even though a lot of people hate it!), and wearing masks and stuff!

What color of masks do you like wearing? I like wearing either just a regular black mask or my South Hamilton one that my school gave me!

What type of book do you mostly like reading? (Horror, fantasy, poetry, mystery, etc.)

(P.S, you don't have to answer these questions! I just felt like talking to someone!)

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