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I was kicked out by my mom because i was ugly. Six months later, My face is plastered on every brand you can possibly think of. As my life becomes preyed on by paparazzi and my life becomes the world's business. I am slapped in the face with how cruel and ugly real life is. As i struggle to fit in into the standards of the world, i lost who i was. But now, in THIS world, can i really rebuild myself? Can i really forgive my mom, after she spills the long-kept family secret? Will everything be ok? Will i really be ok? Because now that I see the world for what it is now, i need learn to survive.

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Do you know that feeling when people make a rumor about you? Maybe because you tripped and fell on someone and all of a sudden everyone thinks you like that person. Or if you had bedhead and everyone thinks you are a hobo?
Well i have the whole world creating ridiculous rumors about me. From, I'm part German (which i am not) to rumors that think i drink fish skin tea, for clear skin.
I also have people lying to me.
Like my mom.
I never wanted to become an idol, or famous.
But since i did,
i must learn to survive.

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