Of broken glass and glistering sunlight

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A short Story about a brocken girl that finde her way to freedom.

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The Begining of it all, my story

I hear glass crashing and screaming. It is probably another fight. I crawl deeper into my blankets until I am completely covered by my blanket. I put my earphones on and turn on my music. Then I turn it so loud that I can’t hear them shouting in the next room. Even with my music turned on so loud I can hear them fight and destroy the kitchen again. Situations like this happen often it is nothing unusual for me. I am completely aware that, that is not something that should be considered as normal but for me it is. The ones fighting are my parents. They are always arguing over me and what should be done. I know that really sounds strange but that is my reality.

I am Luna a 19 year old girl from Mystic a little city in Connecticut, USA. It may sound really strange but music is the only thing keeping me sane these days. To start from the beginning; in my childhood I didn’t have many friends. The reason for that were my eyes. They do not have a strange color or are mismatching. In fact they are completely normal the only thing is that I can see things that almost nobody else can. I can actually see ghosts. When I was born I was quiet and looked at something in the room. Then I started giggling and laughing out of nowhere I even tried to touch something but nobody saw anything. My parents were afraid but the doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with me so my parents stopped worrying for the moment. Later on I had a friend and they were afraid again.

My grandmother was the only one who believed me. She said she couldn’t see them but my dead grandfather had that talent. He talked to her about it and after a ghost revealed itself to her she believed him as did she believe me. Since then she was my safe place and home, I took great comfort in being around her. But after I turned six she died because of a heart attack. I cried for weeks before I accepted she was gone. Since then I was alone.

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