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Happy thoughts and affirmations you could use on a daily basis. Do you have a dream or do you maybe have many dreams? Where is your mind taking you when you think of your future and where is you heart leading you when you think of yourself? All the answers are within you and all the guidance you need is in your own world. Unlock your path and find out how to find yourself within yourself, pull towards yourself and guide yourself to your best self.

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Who are you really?

Each one of us holds power, limited to our own belief of our personal potential.
People globally are effected by matters which lower self expectations and cause us to doubt our own personal potential, horrible to say the least but maybe necessary and that is a whole other chapter... so keep reading as we go on a small journey you can take with you along your life path to build your own knowledge on yourself and be there when you need it.

Knowledge is key. Google it.

Love is serenity. Feel it.

Positivity is a tool in life. Use it.

Your life is a masterpiece. Manifest it.

If there is anything I would tell someone who is in a place of achieving exactly what they intend for themselves and are excelling at their own happiness and pushing their own personal limitations in life, would most definitely be well done!
In the other worldly majority, I would say well done too! Because if you have read this far then your mind is more open than most and your heart is tamer than you think. You are on your life’s journey and you are going the right way! Accept yourself and where you are right now. Sitting, standing, lying down, or whatever else it may be. Accept that you are on the right path towards your better self and you are not stuck even if you feel you are right now. There is hope everywhere, look closer! Or... read further.

Who are you really? Yes, a big skin covered, systematic flesh bag of bones which follows the natural laws of the universe and are drowned in water putting you in work with the moon. But what else?

Most people I know would answer the question with one word, not only because it sums it all up but also because it’s the knowledge we have been given and have given a name.
We are energy.

We glide through a space in many times and conclude in physical matter which hosts your inner being. The being that connects to the universe in such a unique way, allowing you to live a happy life through your own design.
Masters at this knowledge have passed down the tips and tricks through centuries, easily practiced by many individuals who acquire the self serenity they own.

Others could ask why? What’s the point... we all die in the end. We all have these limitations we give ourselves and being happy is just hard work in the world we live in today.
Well, that mindset in itself has so much meaning in exactly who they are and what their destiny holds for them. Us as human beings cannot judge another human being, although we build our own perspective on how to accept them for who they are. Which comes first from accepting yourself.
Don’t judge yourself or others, sayings that come out of every religion doing the good of life. You can think for yourself why and then ask yourself what is your opinion of what your perspective is on that specific thought, is it benefiting or jeopardizing your higher self?

Who are you? Are you a mean person or are you a meaningful one? The choice is purely up to you! But actions and choices have consequences, which direction do you plan on heading in?

That is too up to you.

What’s blocking or what’s upsetting parts of you?
This too you need to get to know yourself to know.

Think of a happy thought, one so positive it makes you smile. Breath in and out slowly and deeply while you think. Keep smiling.
Allow yourself to think about this thought.
Push away any other thoughts for a minute if you can... The easier you can do this, the better disciplined your mind. Don’t worry about your monkey mind, if other thoughts keep rushing through, accept that they are there and breath in deeper. Back straight, shoulders back and smile again.

Who are you? You are you. All that you do, all who you are, behind closed doors, in a huge crowd of people, in your favorite place and in your most uncomfortable place.

How you act in these spaces is up to you and how you would want to represent yourself to the world and to yourself.

How you deal with the emotions of that space is the raw you, it can be strong or it can be weak. If you are strong, well done! If you say you are but know that you are not then accept yourself right now, learn what makes you happy and do it again and again. Find a release because now that half the work is done, you have the ego to say you are, now the other half needs to be nurtured. The true self. You deserve and have the power to be happy. Eliminate the trash that floats around your space and fill those new spaces with things that make you think happy thoughts.

If you know you are weak, and can’t even put on a smile to cover the sadness then I’m here to tell you that it’s over now, it never actually existed in the first place, all your embarrassing moments have been converted into completed milestones and all your sad moments have been used to make happy moments.
As of now, and every second you need it, is a fresh start. Time to take back your power and be happy. It is a birthright you should never choose to give up or let someone or something else take away.

It’s time to find yourself, hopefully you have an idea by now of who that may be.
It’s time to be yourself and accept who you were and who you are now going to be. The best version of yourself already exists. It’s up to you to find that feeling and never forget it because it’s yours. It’s in your mind and no one but you needs to know.

It’s time to prove yourself to yourself and show yourself exactly what you can do for you!
You will always win when you chose you. No matter what. You have a choice so chose good over bad and love the idea that you can create any life you want to live.

Think happy thoughts.
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