The Diary of a High School Girl

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February 2, 2016

February 2, 2016

Ended up not falling asleep until 1:30. I prayed and then I read funny stories until I could finally sleep without feeling like the murder was standing right over me with a machete about to pull me down to hell with it. Luckily school was closed!! I got to sleep in so no hours of sleep were lost! The funny thing about it though.. Our school never closes until absolutely necessary. Most of the time when the schools surrounding us are closed we only have a 2 hour delay. So the fact that they closed it before it even started snowing is really strange. I’m bored. I’m doing homework while typing this but other than that, there shouldn’t be anything too interesting today. I would go out and swing but it’s too light out. Don’t want other people to see me swinging.

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