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America the Poor: A Wanderer's Tale, Vol One

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A poverty-stricken and abused boy grows up in Buffalo NY. Johnny wanders the inner city getting into strange adventures, comedic events and tragedies. Until finally feeling his first unrequited love, and his first real madness took hold of him.

Other / Drama
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Intro:Welcome to my Uncommon Life

"Dedicated to Joseph and his mother Carol, both long gone, but never forgotten."

Hiya, I’m Johnny, although I also respond to both JJ and JD quite well. No, I’m not suffering from some kind of multiple personality disorder, but as someone once wisely said, I’ve got more names than you can shake a stick at, assuming you have a stick to shake.

If you’ve landed here, you’re probably after a good rip-roaring yarn, aren’t you? Right now, you’re in the process of deciding whether this particular story is worth your precious time. Well, that judgment largely depends on your expectations and your barometer for unique tales. Are you a fan of heart-wrenching tragedy, ready to feel the pangs of sadness and perhaps let a tear or two escape? Do you relish a hearty chuckle and delight in reading about life’s delightful absurdities, especially when they happen to someone other than yourself?

Or perhaps you’re in the mood for true adventures, those wild escapades that defy belief, yet they’re as real as can be. These tales are so mind-boggling that they might as well be classified as fiction, but rest assured, every word is as true as the nose on your face. That’s why I’m here – to regale you with these incredible stories and, who knows, maybe introduce you to a world you never knew existed.

How about a taste of sheer madness and youthful exuberance? Imagine a child who’s a victim of abuse, unwanted and unloved by their own monstrous flesh and blood, and eventually cast aside by society itself. Picture a brilliant young mind, so full of innocence, slowly but surely losing that innocence as they’re thrust into circumstances that no child should ever endure.

Are you up for a tale of unrelenting poverty and hopelessness right here in the good ol’ USA? Picture a penniless, homeless halfway innocent young lad roaming the vast expanse of this great country, with nothing but the clothes on his back and the wits within his skull. Survival hinged on this unique intelligence, cunning, sheer stubbornness, and absolute unyielding refusal to let life’s hardships dictate his fate.

As the tale unfolds, this lad grows into an utterly destitute man, adrift on the unforgiving streets and highways of America, willing to do just about anything to see the light of another day. Along the way, he'll learn some harsh truths about greed and the pervasive corruption that taints the American dream.

If you do somehow decide to hang around and read on, I can promise you four things. First, these unique life stories of mine will be nothing short of fascinating, offering you a glimpse into entirely new horizons and perhaps sparking more than a few unconventional thoughts about what we consider "reality" itself. It’s a one-of-a-kind journey, no doubt about it.

Second, I’m here to challenge your thinking, to make you ponder beyond the confines of the box, and often deliberately yet precisely fidget uncomfortably. I was born a dark-inclined philosopher at heart, but there's no need not to laugh on the shared road to damnation no? To be brutally honest truly comprehending the very implications of my life story requires grasping to see my unique "take" on reality. So, now and then, we’ll dive into some thought-provoking conversations – always intrinsically tied to the narrative, of course.

Third, I can guarantee that this narrative won’t follow any conventional storytelling rules. This isn’t just empty boasting; it’s a plain fact, and I know what’s in store. These true tales will keep you on your toes, without a doubt.

And finally fourth, don’t expect a quick read here. I’ve got something truly exceptional to share, and it deserves to be told properly, in its own sweet time. This isn’t just a story; it’s an epic, and if I’ve done my job right, you won’t be able to put it down. Sure, it’s a lengthy tale, but it’s worth every ounce of your attention and time.

My story is a medley of all the above – tragedy, comedy, madness, absurdity, joy, and irony. If my voice resonates with you, you’ve probably figured that out by now.

So, find yourself a cozy spot, pour a drink (believe me, you’ll want one), and get ready. We’re taking a trip back in time to the 1970s, to a unique city by the name of Buffalo, NY. I’ll be your trusty guide and narrator on this incredible journey we’re about to embark upon. Let’s dive in together, shall we? Imagine, if you will, the tale of an extraordinary life, and away we go... together.

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