America the Poor:A Wanderers Tale,Volume one

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A genius poor abused boy grows up in Buffalo NY. Wanders the city getting into strange adventures and tragedies, then goes insane, and gets committed to an mental asylum for years, then ends up homeless for over 35 years wandering across all of america's cities. Eventually getting into crazy impossible adventures, and surviving by his wits and strength of will and refusal to give up and die.

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Intro:Welcome to my Uncommon Life

"Dedicated to Joseph and Carol, both long gone, but never forgotten."

Hi. I’m Johnny, but you can also call me JJ, and JD, all of them happen to be me. No, I dont have multiple personality disorder, but like the very first sinner once said, I have many names.

If you are here, it’s for a reason. You want to read a story, no? You are deciding whether this particular story is worth your time. Well, that factor greatly depends on your expectations, and your idea of what an amazing story truly is. Do you like tragedy, would you like to feel sadness and possibly shed a few tears? Would you enjoy a good laugh, and like reading about the absurdities life throws at someone other than yourself? Are you perhaps looking for true adventures? Wild events that really happened to me? Some tales so insane they might be better labelled as fiction, yet they are completely true.

How about a taste of insanity and young madness? A victim of abuse, unloved and unwanted by family, and eventually cast out by all. It’s basically about a young genius but innocent boy losing that innocence, and turning slowly insane over the tragedies that occurred at an age far too young to handle them?

Would you read about utter poverty and hopelessness in America? A poor homeless teen wandering across the breath of the entire USA with nothing but the clothes on his back. Surviving by his unique intelligence, his guile, wits, and sheer orneriness and unwillingness to lay down and die and accept fate.

Later becoming an utterly destitute man, on the streets of America, doing anything and everything to survive, and learning the sad truth about greed, and how corrupt capitalism in the USA truly is.

If you choose to continue reading, I can make four promises. One, It will be fascinating, showing you different horizons, and maybe make you consider possibilities and roads never travelled. It will be a Unique journey, guaranteed.

Two, I Intend to make you think outside of the box. I was born a philosopher by nature, and to understand my story, you need to understand my views of reality, so from time to time, we will have a discourse, always related to what’s happening in my story of course.

Three, I can guarantee this will be totally unlike anything you’ve ever read before. This is no boast, but a fact, I know what’s coming.

Four, this won’t be a quick read, I have something special to tell, and its done in the proper way, the way it must be told. Its not just a story, its an epic tale, but if i’ve done my job right, you will not be able to stop reading. It’s a long tale, yes, but well worth the effort.

My unique story is all the above things rolled into one, tragedy, comedy, insanity, absurdity, and irony. If my voice appeals to you, I’m quite sure you know by now.

So sit down, grab a drink(trust me, you’ll need it), and ready yourself. We are going far back in time, to the 1970s, and a special city called Buffalo,NY. Ill be your guide and narrator for this journey you’ve decided to take. Picture, if you will, the story of a very Uncommon life...

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