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Bonded and BOUND (sample)

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From living a dream to living a nightmare, Harlow will need to use everything within herself to try to survive the ordeal she has unwittingly found herself in. A cruel, monstrous Alpha is holding her prisoner, another Alpha has decided she needs to die – she poses a threat to shifters everywhere… even her mate knows the danger she poses. Harlow’s future is bleak – no one knows where she is except the enemy. Does she even stand a chance? Does she even want one?

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From living a dream to living a nightmare, Harlow will need to use everything within herself to try to survive the ordeal she has unwittingly found herself in. A cruel, monstrous Alpha is holding her prisoner, another Alpha has decided she needs to die – she poses a threat to shifters everywhere… even her mate knows the danger she poses. Harlow’s future is bleak – no one knows where she is except the enemy. Does she even stand a chance? Does she even want one?

**trigger warning: this story contains scenes of violence, sexual assault and physical assault


“Grab her! Grab her!” my partner shouts from below as I reach for the blonde on the shoulders of our opponent. Aggressively I try to knock her into the water while she does the same to me but it only takes seconds before Joshua and I are cheering our victory. We aren’t the reigning champions for nothing – J and I have dominated all summer; this beach is ours.

It has been the best summer of my life, at least when I’m not dwelling on what is coming next and feeling sorry for myself. Honestly, anyone who doesn’t know me and was just hearing about me or seeing my story on paper would surely think I’m nothing more than a spoiled princess. Shit, in truth – I am a pampered prima donna and I’d be lying if I said otherwise. I’m the only child of two people who don’t like one another much, I really don’t understand how they tolerated touching long enough to produce me but here I am. My parents made sure I had everything I could ever want or need growing up – the best clothes, vacations, schools, cars – you name it.

The best nannies to raise me too.

My parents dislike each other but they love me… in their own ways, I’m sure. Academically I’ve always made them proud, I’ve never gotten into trouble or made a bad headline like many of the other rich kids I went to school with – so that always kept them happy. My dad got in early when social media was still just a buzz word and is now worth more money than any of us will ever be able to spend in our lifetimes, but they both make a good try at it. Mom is a former model – tall, svelte and gorgeous, everything you would expect her to be.

I look like they brought the wrong baby home from the hospital.

I’m average – there is nothing wrong with me or my body, even if I do look like a troll compared to my own mother. I inherited her thick, wavy hair but mine is dark brown like dad’s not blonde like hers and I definitely don’t have my mom’s figure. I’m 19 now so confident when I say I’m done growing so my 5’7” frame is nothing to be excited about, compared to my mom’s 5’11”. The only thing mom and I share are our green eyes – at least I got those from her. I also managed to end up with way more boobs and hips then her which on my frame only makes me look like a Weeble.

Like I said, they love me but I’m not their pride and joy.

They don’t go out of their way to make me feel inadequate or like I’ve let them down – quite the opposite in fact. When we’re together they are extremely affectionate, generous and loving. Those few days a year are always incredible and I look forward to them, one visit to the next. And no, I’m not exaggerating – last year I could count on both hands the number of days we spent together, the year before I only needed one hand. My parents are ‘extremely busy’ being rich and doing rich people things all over the world so my nannies have been my family and eventually, the few friends fortunate enough to get close over the years.

Laying in the sun on my towel, I bask in the sun’s heat and wait for its warmth to remove the chill the water has left behind. J stretches out beside me, resting his head on one bent arm while resting the other hand on my stomach. My bathing suit is a two piece but with a long, flowy top so my torso is still covered – convenience without exposure. Joshua loves my body but compared to a lot of the other girls on the beach today, I’m definitely one of the biggest ones here today.

“Lowbrow…” Joshua groans as his hand slips into my bathing suit bottom. I’m shocked by his behaviour since we’re on a public beach but I don’t remove his hand either. He is the only person on earth who can get away with that horrendous nickname – and only because I know he doesn’t mean it spitefully. ‘Lowbrow’ is a play on my name, ‘Harlow’. Joshua thinks calling me ‘lowbrow’ is funny since I come from such a wealthy family, but it is now so familiar to me, I answer to it without thinking.

Joshua leans down and his lips meet mine aggressively, his tongue pushing for entrance into my mouth at the same time his fingers begin plunging into my core. His kiss swallows my moans as his thumb rubs and applies pressure to my clit and when he adds a third finger, I scream my climax into his mouth. He continues to plunge into me as the waves of my orgasm slowly subside, only then does he pull them out. Hazily he lifts his lips from mine, his eyes dark with lust.

Moving smoothly but quickly, Joshua stands up and offers me a hand to get up, which I accept. He grabs our towels before leading me towards the woods that surround the lake and I know exactly what is going to happen next. Eagerly I follow him, my mind already full of all of the fun things I want to do to his beautiful body once we’re out of earshot of the beach.

We walk hand-in-hand for a few minutes before coming across a sheltered area, small, private and hidden. As soon as we stop Joshua turns around and drops to his knees in front of me before gently pulling my bathing suit bottom down. Once removed, he buries his face in my vee as his lips and tongue lick, suck and twirl my clit into a body-shivering orgasm.

“Oh! Joshua! Christ!” He doesn’t stop his relentless torture on my clit – nor do I want him to – when he starts thrusting his fingers into me again. My knees buckle when I climax again, my body sending all care and attention to the central part of my body and I’m not complaining one bit. Joshua grabs me before I fall and gently lays me down on the towels. He leans over me before his lips find mine again, this time with far more aggression than before.

I spread my legs as wide as I can as Joshua lines his cock up to my entrance and with a loud, satisfied moan from both of us, slides in as deep as he can go. He pauses for me to get comfortable but when I give him the okay, there is no stopping him. Joshua as my bestfriend is devoted, loyal and trustworthy – all done one hundred percent with everything he has. Joshua as my lover is done with no less passion or determination – the fact that the sex is so fucking incredible is an amazing bonus.

Joshua reaches between us and caresses my clit to chase me one more time over my edge and when I do fall over, I can feel him orgasm and empty himself into me right after. We’re both breathing heavily and lay side by side in each other’s arms for several long minutes, silently, as we wait to calm down. It just sort of happened – J and I ending up in bed together, neither of us planned it but I don’t regret it. I love him but he isn’t my forever after, and I’m not his. He is my bestfriend who knows how to make my toes curl and since neither of us are seeing anyone else right now – we’re enjoying ourselves until my Mr. Right comes along and his little missus. Our setup is perfect and I love it – he wants more but –

“I love you, Harlow,” Joshua whispers before leaning down to kiss me softly.

Oh shit.

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