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Jake Dracula
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About my OC

This is my OC and the information that you should probably know.

Name: Jakob or Jake

Age: 17

Birthday: February 4th

Looks: light skin, blue eyes, and light blue hair

Attire: A dark red shirt, a black jacket, blue pants, and black and red shoes

Personality: He is very nice to everyone around him, but is also very shy. He also tends to get angry very easily whenever someone tries to hurt someone close to him whether it's his friends, someone in his family, or even his girlfriend. He's also willing to try new things and will stop at nothing to make everyone around him happy. Especially since seeing people happy is something that makes him feel good as well. Even if he's not the one that made them that way. He also sometimes goes through a depression state whenever he feels lonely and doesn't have anyone, like when his ex girlfriend, Ryan, dumped him. And of anyone brings her up, it brings back the painful memories of their relationship and he becomes both sad and mad about it.

Siblings: Makayla (sister)

Friends: Coby (my best friend OC), Raven Queen, Ola, Shane the guardian hedgehog, and Mars Magma (and whoever else comes on here)

Cartoon Crush: April O Niel (TMNT 2012)

Canon OC Girlfriend: Taylor

Likes: Spending time with friends, cheering his friends up when they're sad, videos games, and food

Dislikes: bullies/haters, seeing his friends upset, garlic, his ex-girlfriend

Powers (including Night Shade): Blue lightning, mind control, bat screech

Backstory: Jakob was born in Transylvania and the son of a vampire couple. But what was shocking was that he wasnt fully vampire and was actually a human/vampire hybrid. This caused a stir in the castle since that meant that one of the parents of young Jakob was actually a human and hooked up with a vampire and then had a child together. As fugitives, the couple sent the baby boy to a far away place with the help of bat delivery. He then appeared at an orphanage somewhere in Camelot where he met Makayla and her adopted brother, Douxie. Growing up, he had to do chores and work for Merlin, who was their guardian at the time, and he enjoyed doing it. And as he was getting older, the memories of his childhood began to fade away, especially since Merlin was thrown into an eternal slumber and they had to move to a new town to grow up and never grow old, considering he's a vampire hybrid, only he doesn't remember that, due to the memory loss of his childhood.

A few years later as a teenager, Jakob learns that he actually has a dark side called Night Shade. He finds this out after getting super angry at a bully for hurting an innocent person and nearly kills them. He then meets the monster one night in a dream and learns that he is "destined" to become a monster and rule the overworld. Jakob doesn't want to become a monster that everyone fears and vows to never become Night Shade no matter what and learns to control his anger and not get too heated when it comes to bullies. And he eventually meets a girl named Ryan, who helps him to control his emotions more. . . until a few months later, she dumps him and his anger boils up even more, causing Night Shade to once again nearly come out. . . this time making everyone fear him. This is also when his first depression state comes in.

He then meets a girl named Taylor, who helps him as well and doesn't see him as a monster, but just as a lost boy who doesn't have a dull view of the world yet. They become quick friends and soon, a couple. But that doesn't last long either, since Taylor soon dies of an unfortunate accident and he becomes alone again. And once again, brings out his depression state.

Jakob's life may be crap, but he soon meets another girl named April O Niel, and they get along well and become a couple later on as well. So it definitely gets better for him later on, even if he has to go through months of disaster before his happiness.

So that's my OC, Jakob. I hope you like it. And if you're gonna add me in a story on here, then here is the information you'll probably need for it.
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