Quade Shorts

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“What are we going to do?” Killa stood looking at the disaster in the great room.

“It is a mess, isn’t it?” Maura agreed the smile on her face a mile wide.

“You know we’re going to have to use magic to get this back into shape. And Alanna will have our heads if we get another case of spell burn.”

“We could get our brothers to help.” Maura said, shaking her head as she spoke.

“You know they’ll be after us. We were lucky they’re up at the cabin. They go up there every spring for a week. They even left their girlfriends at home.” Killa tossed her ponytail back over her shoulder as she started to stack empty glasses.

“Besides, Mike is a stickler about rules. And he always insists we do it ourselves if we can. No magic unless there’s no choice.”

“Then let’s get at it. The only thing we’ll have to fix magically is the scratches in the floor. Dad will kill us if he finds out we had a party this big out here.”

“I think we had everyone from our class out here. We should have waited until after the graduation ceremony. Mom was pretty cool about us having an after grad out here.” Maura’s green eyes sparkled with mischief.

“I know, but we needed something to let go of the stress. Finals start in a couple of weeks, and some of the guys will be leaving for basic training the morning after the dance.”

The sisters worked silently. Killa filled the dishwasher dumping glasses and rinsing them before she arranged them on the top basket. She watched as Maura flicked another garbage bag open and started collecting paper plates. At least none of the giant crystals had been knocked over, although she knew it had been a close call for the giant spear of clear quartz sitting on the hearth beside the fireplace.

She wondered if Connor felt the zing when she pulled it back upright. He was the only one who could two step and he’d dressed completely cowboy for the party, right down to jingling spurs on his boots. Which were the reason for the scratches all over the floor.

He’d spun her out as they danced, and she slid a touch further than she meant to. Speaking of which, where were her shoes. She kicked them off, so she’d been eye level with Connor when he’d pulled her into his arms as Garth Brooks boomed from dad’s state of the art speakers.

Two Pina Coladas wasn’t one of her favorites, but it had them whirling around the floor, until he spun her, and her butt hit the crystal. Instinct had her reaching out, mentally hauling the crystal upright, but sparks flew from her fingertips giving Connor a shock. His eyebrows shot straight up but his only comment was it must be the socks.

“Are you still daydreaming about dancing with Connor?” Maura’s question penetrated her brain fog.

“Yeah, he’s the only guy tall enough for me, and he can dance. The waltz was amazing.”

“Did you even remember where you were? Cause that kiss was hot enough to have the whole room sizzling. Fiona’s pretty pissed.”

“I didn’t mean for it to happen, really. I know she’s had the hots for him since she first laid eyes on him in freshman year.”

“Not that it matters, he’s ignored her, treating her like his sister.”

“I know and it doesn’t help when Harry and Eddy tease her non-stop about it.”

Maura nodded her head.

“Connor didn’t even jump when I shocked him. There would have been no help for us if I hadn’t saved Grammie’s crystal. I don’t think anyone would forgive us if it shattered.”

“Do you think he’s the one?” Maura asked.

“I’m not sure, I’m only seventeen, he’s a senior like our cousins. I’d like to find out, but I don’t want to hurt Fiona’s feelings.”

“You won’t,” the cousin came in through the back door.

“What? You’ve had a crush on him since forever!” Killa looked down at her shorter cousin. The irony of it all, her twin sister looked more like Fiona than her. Both of them barely five feet tall with short mops of black curly hair and clear green eyes they’d inherited from their great grandfather.

She was like her Aunt Morgan, but even more like Grammie Gaia. Long wavy auburn hair with deep blue eyes and taller than every girl in the school. At six foot two, she towered over most of the boys and she couldn’t get herself to think of dating anyone shorter than her. Connor was a scant inch taller than her and his brown eyes glimmered with humor.

“I figured something out tonight when I saw him kiss you. I could see the sparks flying between you. And it wasn’t just from the spell you used to save the quartz spear.” Fiona said.

“About time,” Maura chimed in. “He was never going to be more than a friend.”

“I know that now, especially since I drove Erik home,” Fiona smirked.

“What happened?” Killa had to know.

“He kissed me, and man he can kiss. And I don’t even care how he learned.” Fiona said defensively.

“He’s got a reputation you know,” Maura said gently.

“Doesn’t matter. I think the cheerleaders are spreading rumors. I want to see where it goes. I feel like I’m crawling out from under a rock.” Fiona declared.

“What about you Maura? Did you find anyone tonight?” Fiona asked, deflecting attention from her own news.

“I’m not sure. I really like Anita. She’s shy and she loves animals, and I think she might be like me, but I’m scared to ask. I’m not ready to tell mom and dad or even your brothers, promise to keep my secret?”

“Pinky swear,” Fiona said extending the little finger of her right hand.

Killa hooked her little finger around her twin’s little finger, and they joined their cousin in a tight circle.

“Pinky swear,” Killa and Maura agreed.

“I’m glad I finally told you,” Maura’s voice hitched as she admitted it.

“I knew something was different, but it doesn’t matter. We’re family and we love you,” Fiona hugged Maura.

“How do I tell mom and dad? And what will they think. I don’t know if I can take it if they get mad about it.” Maura’s eyes filled, a single tear drop rolling down her cheek.

“Mom won’t care. And dad, well look at Aunt Ginger and Aunt Halley. They’re great friends. Alanna’s mom is gay, I don’t think he gives two hoots about who you love as long as you find love. He always says he was lucky to find mom.” Killa reassured her sister.

“Maybe I should just tell them, it would be a relief,” Maura said.

“We’ll be there if you want,” Fiona promised.

“I know, but I think I’ll do it myself. I have to face up to being gay, and I know I’m right about it. I get tingles every time I’m around Anita. She the prettiest girl in our class. I just hope I’m not wrong about her.”

“I’ve never seen her around a boy,” Killa said, “Have you Fiona?”

“Nope, so ask her out for a coffee or maybe take her to the new tea place at the mall,” Fiona suggested as she walked into the great room.

“I’ll do that, and thanks. I feel better about things now,” Maura said.

“Now what are we going to do about these scratches. If we don’t get them fixed, you won’t live to tell dad about Anita,” Killa hoped they could put a spell together.

“We can do this without a circle, just join hands. I’ll take it,” Fiona volunteered. “Boost me, and I’ll undo the damage.”

The cousins joined hands with Killa in the middle.

“Goddess bless this mess we made. Our heart gave what our friends did need. Undo the damage in a blink, as we ask so mote it be, one times three and three into one.”

Flickers of flame flared along the floor, as all evidence of the dancing and spills disappeared.

“I think the party was a success!” Killa exclaimed.

“I know it was, Harry and Eddy took the Grayson twins home,” Fiona shared the best part of the night.

“Oh boy, I can’t wait to tease them.”

“Not before I do,” Killa said as she squeezed her twin’s hand.

“Nothing like getting to them before they get to us,” Maura added as she plugged in the vacuum cleaner.

“We’re going to be done the clean up before they get back, and they’ll owe us for that too.” Fiona giggled.

“Best party ever,” Killa agreed. It would be worth it when their parents found out.

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