The Common

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The Common

By E. L. Brown

The Lifecycle of a Tree

“The circle of life; it’s something every living, breathing thing on earth goes through.

The lifecycle of a tree is no different. It has various stages of life: conception (seed), birth (sprout), infancy (seedling), juvenile (sapling), adult (mature), elderly (decline), and finally death (snag or rotting log).

For the lifecycle to run full circle, both internal and external conditions must be favourable for a tree to thrive. That means it must have adequate space, water, nutrients, and sunshine at peak levels based on the needs of the species.

At any time, stresses from things like insects, diseases, injuries, competition from other trees, weather, and even time itself can weaken a tree and cause it to die. Learning about the important factors at each level can greatly increase the chances of your tree thriving.”


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