Born This Way

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I was born this way. I look in the mirror, and I see someone I'm not. Born a boy. But I'm not. I'm not.

"Nicolas! Time to go to school!" My mom doesn't know.

I went down stairs to see my older sister standing arms crossed.

"When are you getting your hair cut, Nico! It's down past your shoulder." She said.

"Why don't you grow yours out." I replied.

"Why are you always such a sower puss, Nico?"

"Put a sock in it."

It has been eating at my mind. I don't know what's going on. I feel like a girl in a boys body. What's wrong with me? What's going on?

When I got to school, I hear, "Hey, gurl!"

"Oh, hi Neo." Neo is a wonderful. He is my bestie. "Hey Neo, I have a question for you."

"Yas gurl. I am here for ya!"

"It's been since as long as I can remember. I don't feel like a boy. I am a girl in a boys body. I hate wearing these boys clothes. I don't know what's going on."

"Ohhh, gurl! I knew all along! You're transgender!"

"Transgen.. what now?"

"Transgender! You're supposed to be a gurl! But You're born in a boys body. Yas gurl has a gurls soul. Allow me to drass you up!"

We skipped school that day. And he brought me to his house. His mom and dad was there.

"Neo. Why are you home?" His mom asked looking up from her switch.

"Got a boy ya wanna talk 'bout?" His dad mumbled without looking up from the baseball game.

"Mom, I need some of ya clothes, makeup please!"

"Yes. Right in there." She pointed to her room.

"Yas Queen!"

We went into the room and he sat me down and started to unclothe me.

"First to make you in a gurls clothes... Smooth legs..."

"Feels good, k.."

"Na problem with it. Hair, na hair, ya still a girl." That made me blush.

I was put in a dress. He put makeup on me, and did my hair.

"Ahkay, open ya eyes!"

When I did, I felt whole. It was who I felt I was. "It's... It's me. It's... I'm beautiful." I cried. "I'm transgender..."

"If ya wanta transition ya need to first go to therapy, then.."

"Wait! I can't tell my parents! They're so conservative!"

"Ah, gurl. It's going to have to happen. Ya can't hide it forever. If all else fails, ya can live with me queen."

"Yes king."

"Na, na, it's yAs king. Get it right. Plus, I'd like to be a prince. All the privilege without the responsibilities."

I decided to go home dressed like a girl. This is what happened when I got home.


"Mom, I can explain."

"Better be a good explanation!"

"I have always felt like a girl trapped in a boys body. My friend helped me find out who I am. I'm transgender. Call me... Nyla."

My sister was shocked. Standing there wide eyed.


"Mom! You don't understand!"


I went back to Neo's house slumped.

"Queen, what's wrong?"

"Well my mom kicked me out."

"What?!" He said. "Come in Queen! Ya welcome here! Mom, dad, Queen's staying here!"

"Sleep on the couch." His dad, this time, was reading a sports magazine.

"Welcome, what shall we call you queen?"

"Nyla... That's my name now."

I stayed there for a few weeks when something amazing happened, and I have my sister to thank. My mom showed up. Neo answered the door.

"Hello, Neo. Is.. Is Nyla there."

"Yas she is. Queen! Someone is at the door for ya!"

I came over. "Who is it... Mom..."

"I'm so sorry Nyla. Forgive me. I thought of you only as a boy. I never saw how unhappy you were as one. I never thought you could be a girl. I'm sorry. Your sister talked some since into me. Although it took a bit. I'm so sorry my daughter, Nyla."

I'm happy now. No longer a sower puss. And my sister finally grew out her hair... for a month before she buzz cut it... again. Turns out she's a lesbian. Hmm... who knew. Now my mom has two daughters she fully accepts. I have to work on getting us accepted to the rest of the world. But we're getting there. I'll fight 'til the end.

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