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It's a general situation happened; happening every places in their own state of life. It's not a disputes; it's not a community; it's not a bad commentation; also .. it is merely how Normal human behaviours facing majorly from other unhealthy behaviours in any one single place of their own life and it's maintainace of their life morals, respecting life activities, ignoring unhealthy behaviours and getting their profitable interest better living in unexpected reality as unexpected good. By clicking clearing all toxic characters presented near to far. But those humans not accept other kind of behaviours as "and" , " v/s", like any competition so. Well. It's a standard of smart life. They are staying #Smarter £ forever of ∆ their lifetime guaranteed.

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Welcome! Come - not show ™No comparison

There was pond when I was at playing time
But then years passed ago, same pond became
Like swimming pool, where I enjoyed my learning of
Spirit; then the same pool abruptly changed like beach
Area, but I had seen many of bikkini's of culture; not meant culture word so.. Not bad regards to my company
Later same beach area turned into depth of ocean,
Much beautiful creatures in... How long it's twinkling without a pin of rest.., it's bracelets glittering while I am wonder my unexpected expressions flattering; it's such a warm-hearted the world in beautiful nature's, where generally, I am swimmer in this wandering wonder world ( WWW)
Don't search where I am...
I am even in searching of world GOOD #my world
I am costing for searching this world by:
@pledge of my unexpected feelings; not eventually bad
Feel for, Meanwhile I am not prefered not so baaad.
I am available ... Not puppet of others hands;
Others are also very busy in..
Paying their taxes in lump-sum carriage-ward for life_concept which many were strucked so badly,
their output_culpets and stolen their all's human nature not Good presented by misconception: they are effected..
So harshly all together by mingling every day .. every time.. not right human beings;
Where many of...off their mindsown.!
Forgotten the performance of their behaviours and
Words in output area .. they published themselves
Without sense but they invited noisy alot slot : unhealthy
And paying penalties without their knowledge,
No regrets, no usage of realisation practically,
Falling punishments by hating, scolding, comic laugh not in good stands it; on Good one!
Because they are .. fearing faces...
Impatiently ... Their believed always covering in circle by
Chit-chatting output area; not meant any mean for Right!
Closed their eyes perpetually as blind ...
I am no need to argue them
I am not infact interested on them
But it's a temporary clues where I am
Getting from 'not human living '.. in People of neighbours ..JUST..
For to search my own to gain of " Wonder World Wander" # I am!
It's all by ✓ changing of mindset in Human nature only!
$ I am in : I am loving it%
[ TRUST in THINGS ; Don't ACCEPT people { all people not suitable for human nature} I AGREE && I am AGREE]

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