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The cold stone bit through the knees of my dress. Why wasn't August doing anything?

"Did you actually belive we would actually allow this?" Master Thornton sneers. That man is the devil. I clutch my sweet daughter to my chest to protect her from the devil man above us.

"August, please!" I beg. "She's your daughter!"

"Who says?" He smirks as he walks away to Lady Bethany, the harlot who is also laying with his father and brother. Yet I can't be trusted? It's laughable.

"She bares your name!" I shout.

"No it doesn't." Master Thornton roars as he tears my child out from my arms. I watch as my sweet baby Augusta drops to the frozen stones and rolls out of her bloody blankets.

They killed her. My baby. I watch August see everything and turn away from me and his daughter. They are all monsters. They deserve every bad thing that comes to them.

I push myself to stand up and gather all my strength.

"I will you to know the pain I feel to lose my daughter to monsters. May you lose your wealth and prestige. May you lose all that makes you happy, August. May the next daughter in your line be saved from monsters like you!" I say in a loud clear voice that doesn't sound like my own.

"Of course." Master Thornton says dismissing me he steps over my beautiful little girl and walks into the estate.

I let my tears fall as I pick up my broken daughter's tiny body.

I walk numbly to the cliff behind the Thornton estate.

"So mote it be." I say and step into the wind and fall to the rocks.


There is a pounding on the door of my cottage. I open the door to find August Thornton standing there looking like he lost a brawl.

"Where is she?!" He roars.

"Dead." I sniff. "You didn't hear? My daughter stepped off the cliffs behind your home two days ago. After your father killed your daughter." It looks like he's frozen and then...

"What?" He whispers.

"You may leave." I say motioning him to the door.

"She killed herself?" He sounds lost but I know better. An old witch like me knows things.


"But she has to undo it."

"Undo what?" I ask curiosly.

"The curse. We're losing everything." He begs.

"You threw everything away." I correct. My daughter and granddaughter were everything. I know he doesn't see that yet though. "Now you will reap the consequences." I force my magic to push him out of my home. I don't want that evil here.

Over the next few years I watch the Thorntons lose all that was important to them. The money, the titles, the estate itself. I watch August Thornton drink himself to death and his wife bear him three sons, no daughters.

I watch from my cottage for generations as son after son is born. Finally after two hundred years a daughter is born.

Delaney Thornton.

A queen born to monsters.
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