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Escape From the Pack

My feet slip in the mud as I run through the forest. I hear the wolves chasing me I may be young but I'm fast. Thank the goddess.

I see the river in front of me. I'm almost there. I'm almost out of pack lands. I just need to get to the bridge. The bridge dad used to take me to.


I feel my wolf underneath my skin she wants out. She wants to tear these monsters apart. We can't though. Not yet. There are so many of them and I'm only twelve years old. I haven't even shifted yet.

But I will be back. I swear it. They will pay.

My heart leaps as I see the bridge come into view. Hundred more feet. Fifty. Thirty. Ten. My feet make contact and I see movement out of the corner of my eye. Beta James. His large grey wolf smashes into me and I fall. I scream as I plummet into the icy embrace of the river. There is still ice floating in it as it whisks me down its current.

I flail and struggle against the current as hard as I can. I feel a sharp pain in my head and I'm thrust into darkness.

I feel warm hands wrap around me. Comforting and strong. And a strong female voice speaks to me out of the darkness.

"Sloane. You are alive. I will protect you. Listen to your wolf she will guide you. These wolves have been acting in my name for far too long. We need to stop them. And we will but I need you strong and I need you safe first. Right now you need to hide." She says.



I wake up in a white room. The lights and sounds are loud and painful. An ice pick to my brain. I crave the blackness to take me again. It listens.

When I wake up again I am warm and everything smells clean like chemicals. I look around and see a large man slumped in a chair beside me asleep. I study him for a moment.

He doesn't smell like wolf, but he does smell like a shifter. He is big and broad and probably in his thirties. His hair is dark and shorn close to his head with a large beard. His nose looks like its been broken at least twice before.

He reminds me of dad.


No. Don't go there. You need to stay strong, Sloane.

"Hello little wolf." The man in the chair rumbles. I guess he's awake now. I raise my chin with strength I don't feel.

"Who are you?" I ask. He chuckles at my sad show of futile power.

"My name is Asher. I found you." He smiles. I notice he has a great scar down the side of his face that hitches up when he smiles. "What's your name?"

Don't tell him.

I stay silent listening to my wolf. She's smart with instincts like no other. Dad called me goddess-blessed. But he still didn't listen when I told him we had to leave. Not the time Sloane.

"That's ok. I figured you weren't safe. I smelled the fire when I found you." He says sadly. They burned dad. I take a deep breath to try and steady myself. "But I have to call you something." His scar hitches again. "How about Hilda?" I furrow my brows. Is he insane? "I take that as a no." He laughs.

Sage. So we can rid the world of that evil.

"Sage." I tell him. He smiles at that.

"Something tells me you're out for blood. I can help with that."

I like him.

"Help how?" I ask.

"I am the enforcer of the Whindam Clan." He informs me proudly.

Bear shifter.

"I can teach you. Make you stronger. You're already strong enough to pull yourself out of a half frozen river half dead. And strong enough to stay alive. You have a spirit of steel Sage. I would be honored to help." He says voice strong.

Go with him.

"What do you want from me?" I ask. My wolf may trust him but I'm no fool.

"Just some company. A friend." He says. He's lying.

"Try again." I say crossing my wire covered arms over my chest. His scar twitches again his brown eyes alight with amusement.

"Fine. My mate and daughter died years ago. My daughter would probably be about your age now. I can't not take care of you. My bear likes you and we can help you." He explains.

"You want a stand-in daughter?" I ask.

"A bit crude but I guess." He admits.

"I guess I need a stand in dad." I confess. "They killed him."

"Fuck. I'm so sorry Sage." He mutters. I nod not sure how to deal with this.

"Ok. We got a deal?" I ask offering my hand.

"Deal." He takes my hand and we shake on it.
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