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Welcome to the world of Syriya. Need to know where to go and what you will run across? This book should help explain the series.

Lily Saphire
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Welcome to the world of Syriya.

What is this world? It could simply be another dimension the same way all the other stories written in other books are based in. If thought that way, wouldn’t every werewolf, historical fiction, and time-traveling story just another dimension made by the creator? Or does it take place in another universe itself? If that makes sense.

In the world of Animal Kingdom, when sometimes emotions can just be as dangerous as a sword and can cut deeper than any blade. Earth has issues that’s for sure, but another world can be just as complicated. Any world can be.

I am going to try to explain in the chapters ahead of the animals, the people (or beings really), and their traditions amongst other things. A lot of time went into this world although taking apart the past worlds I have created to stir in the pot to make this one, this is perhaps more years beyond that to create what you see before you.

True, there are some slip-ups I have made. I mean how lazy can I be to come up with Firewater? And Blue Water? Those were placeholders until I could come up with better names. I never came up with better words. It kind of stuck.

Maybe someday I will go back and spruce up the names I have misspelled a couple of times, the names I have even changed, to the mysterious language briefly used once in book 2 that I worked on with another story.

This book will also contain spoilers to the first three books currently out so please read those, and if you like them then meet me back here when you’re done. Or, you can look through this to get an understanding of the world, but spoilers are spilled here although I’ll try to avoid it.

Let’s begin.

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