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Depression is not a disease, it's an emotion that anybody can feel. Nowadays our so-called modern society doesn't understand what other human is feeling. So I'm here to express my feels, to help somebody who is going through this shit, to make them feel comfortable, to spread love and positivity.

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Hi, unicorns. I'm lily and I'm here to spread some positivity in your hearts. It's not the first chapter. It's just my introduction because I wanted to communicate with you beautiful hoomans. You can text or comment me anytime who are going through depression, who need help, or wanna talk to somebody, who is feeling lonely. I'm here to listen to you, to encourage you guys, to help you to continue your life again, to take you to the bright side of this beautiful world. I love you guys. I'm proud of you because I know from which struggle of life you are going through. It's so hard to suffer but I'm proud of you that you have reached this far. You can do it and keep moving. I promise you will reach to light soon. You can win over depression. It's not hard to fight it.

I will discuss about depression in this book. Everybody needs the motivation to win over it. So I'm here to motivate you guys. I will express my thoughts about it and how to win over it. I will try to clarify your thoughts and try to discuss a lot of topics, symptoms, and how to cooperate with people who are going through depression.

Our journey is the same. We all will reach the beautiful bright light with a smile.🦄♥
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