My dad

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My life.

Well when I was born I was brought home on December 14th 2006 I was only 4 days old but when I was growing up I was a diva when I was a 2 weeks old my dad tried to kill me like he tried to sufface me by putting his hand over my mouth and nose when I was 1 I was in my mom and dad's wedding but I ran off into the bathroom when I was 2 years old I really don't know what happened but when I was 3 my sister was created and born in st charles mo at St joseph hospital but I started taking toys away from her when she was 1 then when I was 4 idk but when I was 5 I went to school and my dad went to prison.
And he had court and I had got out of school early that day but as I grew older like 8 to 11 I was like we're is dad but when I turned 12 I said I love and hate myself and tried to kill myself multiple times.

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