The Aftermath Of His Death

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13. The Worst Of The Day

It was a few minutes past 8pm when I got home. For once since the day started, it went the way I wanted it to: my parents-in-laws weren’t in the living room so I was able to sneak up to my room, deciding I would apologise to them in the morning.

I took my shower and retired to bed around 9pm so I could wake later at night to do some work.

I was at the bridge between consciousness and unconsciousness when I felt a rough hand caress my thigh. At first, I smiled to myself as I shied within myself at what Kelechi was about to do. But when I remembered what we had done earlier that evening and the location where we did such, I shifted my leg and turned over to see who was in the room with me, holding me in that manner.

As I turned, the same hand went to my breast, squeezing it softly. The light in my room was switched on, which wasn’t so before I went to bed, enabling me to see the familiar face of Ebuka. I quickly sat up and shifted away from him.

“What the hell are you doing?” I shouted.

He shifted a little closer to me. “Calm down.” He smiled as he eyed me slowly. “I’ve come to take what is rightfully mine.”

“And what is that exactly?” I asked with my brows furrowed.

He looked at me as though he were disappointed. “Don’t act as if you don’t know what is going on. I know my parents told you about our future marriage. They said that you didn’t like the idea. So, I thought if you tasted my…” He looked down then back at me almost immediately. He stared at me, seeming hopeful for something I had no clue to. It was until he nodded towards his trouser that I looked down and saw the bulge in his trouser.

I gasped, being utterly shocked at the sight before me.

When he looked at me again, he smiled and said, “…you’ll change your mind.”

I stared at him in disbelief. He really wasn’t asking me to sleep with him. “Thunder fire your mouth!” I said. “Will you get out of my room now before I scream!” (Let thunder strike your mouth!)

“Don’t shout,” he said, putting his index on his lips. He looked at the door then back at me. “Why are you doing as if you don’t miss it?” he whispered.

Right now, my jaw had already fallen onto my laps. Wasn’t he supposed to be grieving? Even if he were eventually going to do something like this, couldn’t he have waited till his brother had been laid to rest? How could he think of such a thing now when there was need for plans for Kelechi’s funeral?

Deep down, I was completely grateful that Kelechi was alive. If not, I wondered how I would have taken this idiocy of Ebuka.

“Are you mad?” I said to him. “Don’t you understand I’m your brother’s wife? And I’m not even attracted to you so why will I betray my husband’s love like that?”

“But your husband is dead, alright? So I’ll only be doing him a favour by not letting another man take his wife properties from us.” He held my hand. “Come here so we’ll enjoy ourselves.”

Slapping his hand away, I said, “Take your filthy hands off me, you bastard.”

A scowl immediately appeared on his face before he jumped up and advanced towards me. Seeing that he was trying to force himself on me, I got off the bed and headed for the door.

Just as I was about to touch the knob, he pulled my hair.

I screamed out in pain before I heard him say, “Woman, you better hold still if you want me to be gentle with you.”

As I was about to turn around to push, hit, or do whatever to make him let go of me, the panicked voice of my sister filled the room. “Sister Fisayo, are –” she started but stopped once her eyes settled on me and Ebuka.

Staring at her now, I knew that there was no stopping her as she’d reached the point of taking out her anger. It all happened so fast when she entered the room and walked to get behind me, possibly standing behind or beside Ebuka. I didn’t know what she did to him, but I heard him yell in pain and let go of me.

I took that as my cue to turn around and hit him in the groin. He fell to the floor, holding his family jewels. Then, I ran out of the room, my sister behind me.

Once we got into her room, she bolted the door as I fell to the floor. I began to sob before I felt her arms wrap around me followed by words of comfort. I hugged her tightly while my mind played the horrific images of if Ebuka would’ve had his way with me.

Despite that I was grateful for her comfort I wanted more – something different, if I should put it like that. And the kind of comfort I sought could only be gotten from Kelechi.

“Call mummy,” I said to her. “Please call mummy.”

She quickly stood up and sat not long after. I heard her dial a number. There was no answer the first time. When she called again, I heard my mum’s voice in the background. Feyisayo didn’t even greet my mum as she quickly told her that I needed to speak with her before handing the phone to me.

“Hello?” I said.

“Fisayo, what’s happening?” she answered, her voice full of worry.

“Please, give the phone to Kelechi,” I said desperately. “I need to talk with him. Please.”

“Okay, hold on,” she said.

I nodded, even though I knew she couldn’t see me. I didn’t bother to answer after realising this; I just assumed she knew I had listened to her.

A few minutes later, after the lots of background noises that indicated my mum moved from one place to another and also exchange words with Kelechi, I heard her say, “I’m giving him the phone now.”

Not long after, I heard him say, “Honey, is everything okay?”

Hearing his voice did it for me: I felt broken as I recalled what just happened. Tears filled my eyes as I sobbed, “Ebuka… Brownie, Ebuka…”

“What did he do?” he said, sounding worried.

“He… He –” The sobs coming couldn’t let me say it. Heck! I couldn’t say as the images of what could have happened filled my head again. I simply continued sobbing before Feyisayo shifted closer to me and pull me into her embrace.

“Honey, talk to me. What did Ebuka do?”

Talking over the phone wasn’t going to be enough. I needed to be in his arms. I wanted to feel his breath on my head as he’d hug me from behind and stroke my back and arms soothingly.

So, that was why I said, “Can I come over?” Feeling like I didn’t want to be around my own house again, I added, “I can’t stay here anymore. I can’t.”

“But you can’t leave Feyisayo with them alone. You know you can’t.”

I sighed, knowing he was right. Even though I knew my sister could handle herself, especially when she got damn too upset, I still couldn’t leave her. It would be unfair to run away and leave her in the hands of my preys.

“I know, brownie. But I just can’t stay here any longer.”

He sighed and went silent for awhile before he said, “What if I come over?”

His words sounded like a great idea to me, but then I thought of how he’d be here whereas he was supposed to be dead. “But your family –” I started but got cut off by him.

“I’ll stay at the boy’s quarter.”

That sounded okay, but then… “How will you get here?”

“I’ll come with one of the cars here.”

“Okay,” I said when I felt like there wasn’t any excuse to prevent him from coming. “But you’ll have to park outside when you come so the gate wouldn’t be opened.”

“That’s no problem. Just wait for me at the gate, okay? I’ll be there as soon as I can.” He cut the call immediately, not letting me reply him.

As I handed Feyisayo her phone, she said, “Sorry, Sister Fisayo.”

I nodded and let her hug me for some time before I left her to get to the gate


I had waited for minutes, maybe up to an hour, before I heard light knocks on the gate.

Once I opened it and Kelechi entered, he stared at my face.

I’m certain it was the sight of dried tears on my face that made his loom worried. “Oh, honey. What happened? What did Ebuka do?”

Though I’d been sobbing until he came, they only got worse now that I heard his worried tone.

When I didn’t reply him, he said, “Honey, talk to me.” He pulled me closed and held my face. “What did he do?”

Knowing that I’d have to eventually tell him, I looked away, saying, “He tried to sleep with me.”

He let go of me. “What?”

I glanced at him. “He said he wanted to take what was rightfully his and that he didn’t want another man coming to take over his brother’s properties.”

“He dared not!” It was crystal clear that Kelechi was furious: his jaw was as tight as any time he got very irate just as he kept blinking.

Then, he advanced in the direction of the house.

“Where are you going?” I asked.

He turned around. “I’m going to meet that useless boy that calls himself my brother.” He turned again to go.

“Brownie, wait.”

He turned again. “Why?”

“You said you would deal with your family tomorrow. So just wait till then. Please.” I stepped forward and took his hand. “I just need you now.”

He shook his head. “Fisayo, I think it’s best I deal with it now. This is worst thing family could do to you in the name of ‘I’m dead’.”

“Please just leave it for tomorrow. Please, Kelechi.”

Right now, he looked indecisive of his next action: he did look like he wanted to go but thankfully, he seemed more like was going to listen to me.

Then he sighed. “Okay. But it’s only because you said so.”

As we walked to the boys’ quarters, he apologised, saying that he would make it up to me after he’d have dealt with his family. Though I knew I needed to hear his voice, I didn’t want such words coming out from his lips. I needed words that made me feel… worthy, of Kelechi. That was why when we got into the boys’ quarters, I said, “Brownie, could you make love to me?”

He stared at me with much regret in his eyes. Then he pulled me close and settled his lips on mine. The rest of the night, you could say, was able to make me partially forget what could have happened if I was a widow.


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