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September 22, 2020 DC GAZETTE

Lacenaire's Son Goes Missing

Jennifer Hart, Staff Writer

Joaquim Lacenaire, the son of the alleged crime syndicate head Jean'luc Lacenaire, has been reported missing to the Dispair City police Department early Monday afternoon by an anonymous tip.

The Lacenaire family has been implicated in several corruption scandals, including the Nos-Tris Corporation dissolvement, though no formal allegations have ever been able to be made against them by police or federal officials. Family members have made themselves unavailable for comment and have gone as far as to attempt reversal of the investigation on the missing teen, but the current federal statutes assigned to the police force in Dispair City allow the Department to operate "on the discrimination of the deciding authority" on cases that occur within the city's limits.

Still No Leads on Murder of City Council Representative, SPCN cries foul

Robert Adams, Staff Writer

The investigation on the murder of City Council Representative James Abington is alleged at an apparent standstill as members of the Despair City Crime Investigations Unit, according to an inside source, have been unable to collect any usable evidence or locate any possible suspects. The SPCN Organization (Stop Police Corruption Now) argues that, "This floundering of the police department and their inability to bring in the criminal or criminals responsible for this tragedy is a prime example of how our tax dollars are being wasted supporting an organization that can do little more than intimidate the citizens of this city and stand around and brag after taking out their latest "supernatural" adversary."

The DCPD would not be interviewed, but supplied a prepared press statement saying, "The pressures placed upon this Department by the near disastrous conditions within the entirety of these city limits, which effect all of its populace over which we have jurisdiction and must supply equal and fair protection to, make a statement such as that made by the SPCN both cruel and unfair. Not only is their claim an insult to the hard-working men and women in the DCPD who risk their lives daily for the people of this city, but also to police departments and other law enforcement organizations - not only here, but in every city in the nation. Although we are also deeply impacted by the death of City Council Representative James Abington, we can only operate as quickly as circumstances allow, and this includes the non-disclosure of the details of the investigation to the public. Incidents such as this leak and subsequent open protestation make our investigations more difficult, and this distorted spotlight on what could not be considered a delay or miscarriage of justice by any standard only serves to hide the murderer."

The tip line is still open at 1-555-TIPS.

Body Count Rises, DCPD Urges Citizens: Stay Indoors at Night!

Bryn Westcott, Staff Writer

Another body dump has been found near Shining Heights. There hasn't been a confirmed number of bodies, but some say there are between thirty and fifty bodies in an altar type pit. Reports state that there are bodies of all types, ranging from woman, man and child. Rebecca Torres, DC Police Chief made a statement on this current crisis herself, " The DCPD's top priority is the safety of all citizens, however at this current time the only thing we are able to disclose is that we know at this point in time, the suspect only attacks late at night. There are different rumors floating around stating that the suspect is simply a bloodthirsty animal. This is not true, while some of the victims showed signs of animal interference not all of them do. Please try to get home by eight pm, while this isn't a set curfew at this point, we at the DCPD urge you to stay in, for your well being. That's all I have to say."

Many residents of Shining Heights, an area stricken with poverty and crime, fear that DCPD won't make solving these murders a priority, supposedly all the victims are from the area. A resident of shining heights gave this comment, " They didn't solve the 2016 murders, and stated that it was radiation. We know it's something else, and we as a community need to band together and lobby for justice. They won't care, until it's a wealthy white person." The commenter chose to stay anonymous.

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