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"Ufo sighting" 2016

Ivory letters trembled on a pitch black screen:: This video isn't supposed to exist. Whoever found this video, please do not watch this. Delete this if you have any concern for your safety. The flickering of the computer screen would hum to life as darkness would welcome it's first sight.

"I can't believe that Steven sent this to us." A gruff voice echoed through the darkness. "It's so small, I bet it's expensive." A woman's voice had spoken up, soft and welcoming like sweet hot cocoa during a cold winter's eve." He's a good kid, his parents would be proud." "Oh, Don't ruin the moment. I think I found out how to work the camera on this thing. It's the Robot one so I think it's easier." "Robot?" "Yeah, it's the fruit or the robot, he got us a robot." "So that's what this cell phone is called, Robot." The sound of static followed the conversation, as light crept across the screen.

The tip of a pale, large and weathered nose pointed at the screen. Bushy eyebrows covering tired, cerulean hues that peered deeply at the screen. "Something isn't right." The older man stated, fixing the angle so he could be seen better. Thinning, silver hair rested softly on his head as if his beard and eyebrows had stolen all the thickness from the hair of his body. "I don't think so, you probably can't just get with the times." The woman spoke up again as the screen shook until it was an older woman with her gray eyes looking at the camera once more. Dark gray locks had been pinned back by a long hair clip, her round face looking to the man, as wrinkles had just begun to deepen on her skin. "You have the camera on, my love." with these words the lights would turn off and a startled cry could be heard as darkness took over the screen once more.

"Honey, can you see anything?" The woman asked softly, a tremble in her voice. "No, are you okay?" "Yes, I was just startled. It must be some sort of power outtage. Follow my voice please, I want to touch you." The sounds of items clattering as the elderly couple blindly groped in the void for each other. The screen suddenly went mute. It appeared as if the screen faded into a darker black. The loud noise of crickets chirping would be heard over the elderly couple. It became hard to hear what the two were saying for only a moment. "Philly, how did you turn on the lights to the Robot?" "Oh, like hell if I know." his voice would shoot back as the camera now focused on what was in front of it; recording what needed to be seen. Various hues of gray and black could be seen as a tree line came into view slowly, lights flickering through the trees. Three lights moved through the monochromatic scene; two golden and one purple that illuminated the woods in front of the two. Towering trees came into focus, the stage to the dancing lights. The mechanical sounds of whirring could be heard from the screen for a moment and then it cut out once more; this time with another startled cry from the elder woman.

This time a blinding light greeted the screen. The three lights danced in all directions before flying straight up in the air. The two golden orbs flying in such a manner caused contrails to follow after them in the sky around the purple orb, you'd be able to hear the amazed gasps of the two. A small orb of red could be seen illuminating the darkness of the sky in front of one of the golden orbs and then a dazzling explosion almost as if a firecracker lighting the rest of the night sky. The crickets could no longer be heard, through the blast you'd be able to see the green of the woods that now surrounded the two. The red explosion faded to white, before spiraling towards the purple orb and completely disappearing before their eyes. "Edith, I think we should go back home, Hun, I'm getting thirsty and we are close to the woods." "You're always such a sour sport." the woman teased him through the dimly lit forest mouth. "I'm going forward, I've seen everything in my life but this and I'll be damned if I don't get to see this. Imagine how Jer will think when we get pictures of it." she'd continue, the only thing on the screen now had been white shoes against the dry dirt being hugged by green, scruffy tufts of grass. The soft breathing of Edith could be heard through the sounds of rustling bushes, aside from those two noises the scene on the screen had been nothing but white shoes slowly being soiled with dirt. Only darkness and feet could be seen and it'd stay like this way for a good ten minutes. The light to the camera had been getting brighter gray, joggers could be seen topping the now stained shoes.

"Edi..." the voice now coarse and low, "Just a little farther, Philly. My hands are getting sores from holding this phone but you don't see me complaining. I have a cough drop in my pocket, it'll moisten your mouth until we get home." She seemed to be clueless to the change in her husband's voice. There wouldn't be any argument as the sound of a wrapper being unwrapped echoed through the air for a moment. The area around them had suddenly shined golden, the two would go quiet as if a deer trapped in headlights that devoured everything until it was a blank screen with flaxen colored edges. A dot appeared on the screen for only a moment, and a sound that could only be compared to laughter echoed for a second. It was neither Edith or Philly's voice. The laughter vibrated the screen softly. It was as if someone had spilled dark ink on the screen and it then spread indiscriminately throughout the screen.

"Edith. Edith your nose is bleeding." "Oh, is it? My stomach hurts a little but I am feeling fine." The screen suddenly lit up on Philly once more, the sides of his face had streams of blood stained his chalky sideburns and bleed down his beard. "I didn't even notice." she'd continue as he'd push the phone out of his face to tend to his wife. "The lights Philly, look at them on the ground now!" Edith exclaimed as the screen began to shake now, not a subtle vibrate from before. "It's....like their dancing." He'd reply to his wife, his voice seemed so distant from her however now.

An image slowly appeared on the screen, as Edith's face came to frame. Large, bullous lesions on the side of her face, the bigger ones had popped with blood moving out of her face very slowly. The blood would thicken as it dripped down her face. Eyes wide looking at the phone that was once gripped ever so tightly in her hands, blood dripping from her eyes, nose and mouth just as slowly. Moving behind her lifeless form, as Philly's form swayed towards the purple orb before crumpling down on the floor himself. Laughter could be heard as the purple orb took the form of a person for a moment, before ascending back into the air. Moments later the two golden lights appeared where the purple one had once been. The lights hovered there for only a moment, before following after the amethyst leader.

Darkness hit the screen once more.

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