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September 24, DC Gazette

Identical Quadruplets Delivered at Dispair City Hospital

Mary Isildore, Staff Writer

Identical quadruplet girls, an extremely rare circumstance normally fraught with various medical risks, were delivered safely at Despair City Hospital's maternity ward this Thursday afternoon.

The last time identical quadruplets were born was in 2007 in Britain, where the children dealt with many possibly fatal health issues. In these circumstances it is considered a one in 64 million chance that the children all survive healthy.

"People say that this city is doomed and filled with nothing but hopelessness, but after this I just can't believe that", the mother, Mrs. Webster, said to reporters, "There is nowhere else but here that I want to ever live, and though there may be devils in the world, my four little treasures are proof that there are also angels watching us. Nothing can change my mind on that now, ever."

Mrs. Webster, the lucky mother and a lifetime resident of the city, is recovering with her new and suddenly larger family and her husband after only a brief stay at the hospital.

Warehouse District Disasters

Bryn Westcott, Staff Writer

The Warehouse District is in complete and total shut down to unauthorized persons until the end of the week. Police barricades along the roads leading towards the Warehouse District can be seen as far as the Central District. Many speculated that it was actually a hostage situation due to the use of DCPD's Advanced Tactical Unit being on the scene, however this is an unconfirmed rumor. Sources cite that the DCPD have fired shots at what seemed to witnesses as a giant snake tail, but no physical evidence can back up this statement.

Mystery still surrounds why the DCPD is choosing to keep the public away from the Warehouse district, it is causing an uproar in Union WHW. Many have voiced their increasingly worrying views on how much power the DCPD has been given in the past five years, this only adds to their worries – any attempts to gain access are threatened with arrest for interfering with a crime scene. Trevor Blanchet, the union spokesman for WHW, released a statement after the District's shut down: "The Warehouse District is constantly under the watchful eyes of the DCPD in the worst ways. They aren't here to protect us, they aren't here to do their job, they are here to keep hard working Union workers away from their jobs. They are here to scare and practice dangerous tactics in Districts where people live and now they are keeping people from their livelihoods. Either be honest with what you're doing here, or let these workers do their job hassle free."

The DCPD has yet to respond to the union representatives or the DC Gazette as of the time of publication in regard to the matter.

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