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NEWS REPORT: Breaking News Video #1

Nothing but black and white spots danced on the screen. Grinding against each other they'd cause their tiny bean like bodies to turn into crackling dancing static. Blurry for only a moment. The screen would turn black, as the static on the screen would die out. A blue screen with the city's skyline faded on the screen with a blue with a gray tint to it. The screen would hum silently before a tune would chime along : "DISPAIR CITY BREAKING NEWS" would appear on the screen, "DISPAIR CITY" in white, "BREAKING" encased in a red square and finally below the two "NEWS" in a gray square. The screen shifted black, before focusing on two people smiling warmly at the cameras. Focusing on the woman, her skin was the color of topaz and she shined underneath the lights that focused on her and her partner. "There's an air of silence in the studio currently." An emerald gaze bore holes into the camera and sorrow darkened the jeweled eyes. The whites of her eyes had been soiled with a light pink and her normally perfectly curled locks had seemed only slightly disheveled. This was off for her, Gracie Alveraz DC's most beloved anchor woman. "I hold the deepest apologies to our viewers about the topic we start off with first." her voice cracked for a moment. Soft brown hands rested over her own for a moment. Her partner would finally speak up, warming the coldness of the room around them.

Dark black eyes would peer into the camera, as a man dressed in a fitted deep blue pinstripe suit started . "The DCPD is on a massive manhunt for this individual right here." He pointed at the screen behind him as an image of a man would pop up on it. It was a still frame from a video. Ebony locks hung past his shoulders, a hood over his face but in two of his hands two machetes. A cigarette hanging low past his hood, showing off a strong jawline. It was almost as if the scent of the cigarette danced through the screen and suffocated the air around it. "Two days ago, this man broke into DC Hospital and killed an unconfirmed amount of infants in the nursery, after telling the hospital that he had enough explosives to take out the entire hospital." He continued, fixing his blue tie for a moment, the ever so kind Desmond Fariseau, he had been a veteran to DC. "Gracie, are you good to speak up?" his tone went soft at her as if she had been his own daughter, his eyes not leaving the camera as he spoke. Nodding her head, "I apologize again folks, it's hard for me to understand as well. We are asking if anyone knows anything about this man, even if you think you do to contact the DCPD." She added ghas she straightened her shoulders, glints of golden in her honey brown hair shined for only a moment at her movement. "We have Jaida Sheperd at the DCPD currently, Jaida any news for us?" Desmond spoke up as he clasped his hands together on the table in front of him.

The screen flickered for a moment and froze just after it. The two seemed to be oblivious, seated at their news table, frozen in time. Desmond's coarse, salt and pepper like hair became distorted along with his anchor woman, Gracie's head.

In a blink of an eye a red headed woman had been on the screen now, yellow and brown leaves danced behind her, as she gripped onto the mic in her fingers. Damp black streets, with a building creeping in the background. A plaque in front of said building that stated "For most people love of justice is no more than the fear to suffer injustice. DCPD Third Ward." Tugging on her brown coat for a moment, she'd speak up. "Well, Desmond, we have been waiting here in the Third District for the DCPD to hold a statement for this just sick tragedy, and we have yet to get anything." she spoke, her pink lips trembling as a strong gust of wind blew through the area and her eyes lit up. "It appears we have an officer finally leaving the precinct of this ward." She quickly stated before rushing towards the ashlar buildings. The lone officer had been tall, compared to the two, so much so the camera had to tilt up to focus on the human layered in black, with a matching helmet and visor that hid the person's face.

"Excuse me, Officer?" She struggled to keep up with them as they pushed past her easily, their broad shoulders felt like a brick wall. Wincing as she rubbed her shoulder and continued after them, the bright cameras causing their visor to gleam brightly for a moment. "Please, just a moment of your time." The form stopped at the bottom of the steps as they'd move to take off their helmet. Icy blue eyes shattered her own sapphire eyes. "I have nothing to feed you vultures, but if you have information give the DCPD a call." "Is this an official statement from the DCPD?" The man stopped and turned his full attention on her, she stumbled a bit. "No, but it is a statement from the Deputy who is working the case." Tapping at the very small name plate on his chest, it was barely readable: Deputy Vincent Ruby, his badge numbers had been smaller than that and didn't show up on the screen again as she stood there. "Ba- Back to you Desmond." Standing with an annoyed gaze in his eyes. Placing his helmet back on and walk past the camera. The screen would freeze for a moment, before going back to when he had taken his helmet off initially. Hollow eyes stared through the screen, they brought a chill to anything around the screen. That gaze was like being trapped in an ice storm, and it stared right through the screen before the screen would go pitch black and for a moment the coldness and darkness together would feel as if one was lost in the dead of space.

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