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September 27, Cold Weather And Crime

Today’s Weather

Jewel Wilmer, Staff Writer

A cold front will move in from the east, carrying heavy rainstorms with possible thunderstorms as well. Cold air circulating around the rivers of Lake Front, Pine Hurst and Devil’s Hollow may generate flurries. The chances of the rain stopping isn’t very high at ten percent. With snowfall may come sleet in low pressure areas closer to the Lake Front. Expect highs of 30s and anything below the 10 digits as the lows.

Chances of sunshine near the afternoon, especially in the Moyen Point area. This cold front won’t break until sometime next week.

Rise In Crime

Bryn Westcott, Staff Writer

DCPD Chief Rebecca Torres anticipates th

e number of violent crimes this year will reach beyond the numbers seen in recent years, despite the recent funds given to DCPD and influx of laws hitting the city.

In July, Torres had a similar statement looking at various reasons for the uptick in violence. Torres said she won’t know for sure until all the numbers for this year are pulled, which will be done in a couple months from now. A look at preliminary data, as well as the local headlines from this year, suggest Torres’ prediction will hold true. In the last few months alone, mass homicides have appeared in alarming cases along all of the wards from Moyen Point to PineHurst. The body count easily is in the hundreds. Torres states that not all of the bodies belong to the possible serial killer in the streets of DC.

The gang members involved come from both homegrown gangs, as well as outside the DC area as far as New York City, according to Torres. She didn’t go into too many specifics as many of the incidents remain under investigation.

“There is some indication that there’s been a growing gang presence in DC, because of the increase of drug use, and drug related deaths.” Torre’s stated.

Torres clarified not all the shootings have been drug related, but they have typically involved alcohol or drugs, whether people involved were intoxicated or had some disagreements over drugs or alcohol. Alcohol consumption has skyrocketed since last month, sales showing a fifty percent increase than the past six months.

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