The old man

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A boy moved to a new city to forget his mother's death, unfortunately he will never be able to

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Hello and goodbye

Like always, my family left for a new town. Which means a new school, new house, and new people. At the time, cell phones weren't commonly used so i had to say the last
goodbye to my friends and family.

I arrived in my new house which my dad bought for our family a while ago. I went to my room to rest after 7 hours of road tripping. I was exhausted, I slept for almost 24 hours back to back.

"its the second week and nothing is interesting until now" i said hopelessly

"hey listen, its your first day of school, enjoy it" my dad replied with a smile

"i will"

"who knows, you might find a new friend " he said with a sad look on his face

" thats pathetic, after anna maria i don't think so" i said this while sitting on the couch with a sandwich in my hand

My dad walked by me, he tapped my shoulder "your mom would be happy if you do" he said and walked away.

My mom died in a car crash two years ago, her name was Anna Maria. I loved her so much more than a person could possibly imagine, she died in her way to pick me up from school .

I walked to the school as if I'm walking through the gates of hell, all of my memories got back at once when I saw that one girl. Unfortunately, i couldn't handle it so i passed out.

I woke up in the hospital with my dad and a nurse on top of my head, he immediately asked me what happened to me with a scared feature on his face. My dad loved me as much as his own soul; he was afraid of losing me as well. I replied to him with a calming sound "im fine father, i was just hallucinating and i felt dizzy then i woke up here". I did not want to scare him more than he already is, so we got back to my house and i slept like a child.

I escaped school and avoided even passing by it for the next 4 days. For a reason that i was not sure of it, or if it's even possible to be true, people don't look alike that much. I was shopping at the supermarket, "oh my '' I said to myself when i saw the same girl walking around, i wanted to touch her to see if she's real. I walked to her with my heart skipping a beat due to the amount of fear I had.

"Excuse me" I said while trying to make my sound look normal.

"yes?" you questioned

"Im here, can i ask you where can i find the toilet paper" ugh really, toilet paper, my brain never helped.

"I... well i dont work here but yes i can" and you walked in front of me to where the stupid toilet paper is

"here" you said nicely and turned around to walk away.

"thank you" i said. I froze in my place when your shoulder hit me accidentally while you were walking, she's real!

"sorry" you said and then left.

The next day I went to school, I was curious about you, like who are you, where did you come from, and most importantly why do you look like my mother.

I saw you at lunch time, brown short hair, with a pair of eyes that looked like a honey river, and red lips. You were a dream for every guy at this school, I noticed that from the way they looked at you.

Well I started thinking of a way to talk to you and as usual my brain didn't help so i went with the classic way. I waited for you to finish your food and when you went to throw the leftovers i walked towards you as if it was by chance, when we reached each other i acted surprised,
"are you the girl from the supermarket?" i asked
"umm yes, you are the toilet paper guy?" you replied
"haha, im Adam" we shook hands
"im rosette, with an S" you said with a smile
"nice to meet you"
"you too" then you walked away

The rest of the day was normal and boring with nothing special on it. Now I have an art class. I hate art but I want to be in it, it's my dad's favorite.

"Well well look what we have here, you are an artist" i heard it from the end of the room. I turned around to see you looking at me with a smirk on your face, I laughed and walked towards you.
"I actually don't like to draw. I just like to see the art, what about you? Are you an artist?" i questioned
"well surely, as u can see" you said then turned your portrait towards me to see it
"amazing" i said
"we should be friends" you said with a little smile that ripped my heart away from me
"i would love to" i answered immediately
"what do you have after school i would like to show you the city, you know since you are new here" you were excited, your eyes was shining in joy so i couldn't resist
"sounds great, meet me at the cafe next to the library"
"ohh its two buildings away from my house, i'll be there at 4". You said joyfully
"great see you then" i said and then i left the class and went to my house.

Two hours later, I went to the Caffe, where you were in a little casual red dress. I slowly walked towards you, it was more than a walk, something was pulling me to walk to you. I may have found my love.

"May I call you rose?" i asked politely
"umm why?"
"you look like a real rose in this dress" oh god help me to control my tongue ughh, surely you blushed you weren't seeing that coming.
"thats so nice of you, yes you may" you said with your eyes no focused on the ground. That melted my heart
"so, are we starting the tour now or do you like to have a drink first?" i said trying to be a gentleman
"we can take our coffee with us" you replied
So i went and picked two cups of hot coffee and started walking by your side.

At the beginning of our tour you were shy about being next to a stranger like me, but then you felt comfortable. We saw the entire town. "It's a lot smaller than i thought" i said "yes it is" you replied while walking towards a cemetery. I actually was shocked I wasn't expecting this. "here is my favorite part of the town, my grandmother rest in here" you said that and cried, i tapped your shoulder and tried to comfort you "its okay, may she rest in peace" i said remembering my mother.

It was midnight and it's been a while since we left the caffe. "do you feel tired?" you asked "yes but i'm enjoying my time right now" i replied with a smirk that i tried hardly to hide. "i need to go home, i am actually late" you said politely. "well do you want me to walk with you back, you know the nights are dangerous over here" i said that not because i want to be with you but because i wanted to know where you live. "well, i won't mind" you were blushing, i walked aside to leave a place for you to walk in "after you" i said.

On our way to your home you told me about your grandmother's death, also you said that she was the one who raised you, and that you don't know your mom because she died during your birth. Your life is sad movie

We reached your bulging after half an hour of walking. "it was nice spending time with you" i said "oh... Good to hear this, you too" you replied back "well see you tomorrow i guess, goodnight" then we shook hands and you went upstairs to your apartment i looked up to see you waving to me from your small window, i smiled then left.

Its been two years since that day, we became best friends. Today is the day that I was supposed to confess my feelings to you. Surely until now you do not know anything about my mom, nor about the great commons between both of you, I couldn't tell you.

I went to see you in a restaurant, I've been planning for this night 3 months ago, everything was perfect. The lights, the candles, the roses, and everything else. When you finally arrived wearing your favorite white dress, you looked exactly like my mother, an angle from heaven.

I moved your chair back and allowed you to sit, "hii adam, i missed you '' you said with a smile full of energy, as always, "hello my rose, i bet that i missed you more" i replied. you were innocent, pure, and everything pretty in this world. I used to drown in your honey colored eyes, you were awesome.

We sat there eating our food and enjoying your favorite music. When we finished I stood up and I took your hand, then we started dancing. I was feeling like I'm touching a piece of heaven in my arms.
"i want to tell you something" i said while moving back a little from you
"are you hiding stuff from me now?" you said with your baby voice playfully acting like you were angry.
"I adore you" I said thoughtlessly. Damn it, I was supposed to say it in a better way.
"i.. I didn't expect that" you said blushing "i am sorry adam but i don't feel that way" you said with tears then ran out of the restaurant.

I was desperate for the first time in a long time. I wanted you, i needed you, but ugh my pathetic self.

"thats why i shoot you my love, but you need to forgive me,at least i buried you with your grandmother"

the old man said with tears in his eyes, he was standing in front of a grave talking to a picture of a young girl.
I saw him and I tripped in fear. All I could think about was if he murdered her or what? And why is he talking to the picture like that? And if the girl in the picture was the same in the grave or not?! Trillions of questions was crossing my mind, but I couldn't do anything except running away from my thoughts.

I ran away from that cemetery and I never went back and till this day... I see the little girl in my dreams, around the house, in front of every single school I pass by. She haunts me daily and I imagine her wearing a prom dress with a tiny tiara smiling at people

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