On Death

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Self reflection on the topic of Death and human perception on it.

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Chapter 1

Wandering on the hollow, cold and dark object of what death is, I think I reached a conclusion, a down to earth one if I might dare. Death is always someone else’s death, not ever our own. We cannot see it except through the eyes of another person, because death and us will never be in the same place at the same time, when death comes, we have left, and while we are still here, death is not. I tried and tried to allude on empty thoughts on it, but it is useless, because all death is, all that it will ever be, is just our sure destination and nothing else. The only sure thing that we have since the very first moment that we come to life is that one day we will die. There is no question over it, the only thing that remains, is the “when”. Not even the how matters, that is just a means to an end. Maybe you will wander, why did I just started writing at the very beginning for the end. Well, because I just wanted to take it out of the way. We, even though it is the only certainty that we have, never think of it, never think that it might be tomorrow, that it might be after a couple of hours because we are not accustomed with the idea, unfortunately we do not think of our every moment as our last one. That in my opinion is a very big mistake on our part, being that we are just a number of days, I still have to understand why we fill those days with everything that has so little meaning to us. With things that make those days just a little bit darker, just a little bit sadder. What makes us believe that we will get a second chance, why are we such dreamers I cannot understand. Actually, I would say not even dreamers; we are so eluded and so high on the idea of our greatness that we cannot see it even with our eyes wide open. I know that you expected to have answers reading this, I know I do when I start reading anything at all, but that is not the destination of my path that I started today, and this is just a journey, just as life is. I am also afraid that at the end of this journey, if you decide to stay with me, you will be left with a lot more questions than answers. Honestly that is precisely my objective. I do not aspire to change your views; I do not aspire to change your opinion, because as a fellow human I respect your personality. All I aspire to do is express myself and my views and to anyone that’s listening, create the idea that there might be more to it. That is all I have ever tried to do, and will keep doing so till the end of my days, the end of my journey that might be tonight, tomorrow or fifty years from now. As I said before, that is our only certainty; everything else is just additional information.

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