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Imperfect Remnants

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A book filled of unfinished stories. Some dating back to 2017. Others coming into now. Some coming from the future.

Other / Poetry
~Aurorah Borealis~
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The Girl I Met that Day

I wanted to make this book, but ended up not wanting to do it due to the fact I had to reach videos to get a better understanding of the whole world so that it would follow along the story line. I never finished the chapter so it may cut off.

Chapter One

The New School

Rora's POV
I am a first year at Phoenix Drop High. I don't need to go to school for the learning part of it. I just need to go to school for the social interaction part of it. I have social anxiety and pills don't really work with me. I actually hate them. My social anxiety is so bad I don't do social interactions.
"Hey you know you have school right!" Dexter said as he entered my room.
"Yeah Dexter I know, but why do I have to have social interaction in order to go to college?" I asked. My cat ears twitched and my tail was down.
"You can't stay in your room all day. Social interaction is good for you." He then said looking at me.
"Yeah yeah yeah. Doctor says it can even cure some of my Social Anxiety. Now leave so I can get dressed." I called out.
"Okay tea is in the kitchen cooling I will be off now. Bye Rora!" He said leaving the room.
"Bye Dexter!" I yelled back.
I have always lived with Dexter, but from now on I am a first year high schooler. We didn't get to the open house, because as soon as we got there my social anxiety kicked in and I had an anxiety attack. The pills don't really work not with me that is. The doctors keep saying I should really be more social to at least lessen the attacks. My entire life I've had social anxiety well maybe not the begging in of my middle school year, but by the 7th grade it started developing and it got worse over time. I'm introverted and I don't like to talk to people. If I do it makes me feel as if I am a being judged or even they hate me or other things. I worry too much about my social life. I mean it's not bad. It's just I seem a bit scary heh. Actually I am really scary. I don't smile and I don't laugh. I have a cold expression and a serious tone so, people tend to you know not talk to me. Well look at me now. I'm going to a public high school. Probably full of people. Well hopefully they have an empty music room. That will probably help. The only way to calm my anxiety attack is to sing to myself or play the piano, but I never chance to do it.
Heading out of the house I grab my backpack and the coffee mug full of tea on the table.
"Doctor says relaxing tea to help me." I said to myself as I open the door and leave. Walking down the sidewalk people talk to each other some whispering. I try not to pay any attention to them and drink my tea, but everything starts getting to my head.
"Relax Rora no need to assume things!" I say to myself humming a quiet tune to calm myself down taking a sip of my tea. I then reach the tall building. Looking at it I take another sip of my tea. That's when someone decided to bump into me. I drop my tea and it drops to the ground spilling everywhere.
"Hey stupid watch who the fuck you bump into!" I call out he turns around hands in his pocket. My face serious, but angry. He then seemed to have lost, because he turned around walked away.
"Ass hole." I yell to myself.
"Excuse me are you okay?" A girl who looked really young looked up at me. She was so short I could out my chin on her head.
"Mm" was the only sound I made towards the girl. She then picked up the coffee cup and handed to me.
"Well hope your day doesn't get any worse!" The girl said smiling before she had left.
'How in the fuck can someone be that happy?' I asked my thoughts. Putting the empty cup in my bag I pull out my schedule.
"Okay now to find my classes." I said sighing at how big the school really was. Walking in as the school bell I ran.I walked down the endless hallways, but then figured out I was lost.
"Damn It!" I yelled out as I looked around. I was lost and I couldn't do anything about.
"Hey there!" There was a voice quiet, but still loud for me to hear. I turn myself around there was a guy. He was a student he wore the boys uniform. His brown hair and light blue eyes kind of made you hate him in a good way. He was tall I mean taller than me. I am tall, but I am only 5'3. Average for a first year.
"Hi" I said quietly he looked down at me.
"You lost there?" he asked chuckling as my faced turned a pink.
"Yeah first year. Didn't go to the open house." I said once again quietly, but this time with a cold voice and expression. My eyes were bright, but my mouth showed I wasn't happy.
"I helped another girl just like you, but she was breaking down in the middle of the hallway." he said laughing a little bit.
"Oh can we hurry it. I'm bit late scratch that I'm totally and completely late!" I said a little louder my voice still expressing nothing.
"Yes Ma'am!" he laughed a little at his words, but then looked at the map on the back of my schedule. "You're here in a second year hall. Don't know how you got here, but you managed to do so. You have the same home room as I did last year. That's pretty awesome!" He called out leading me down the infinite hallways. I could feel myself getting dizzy, but we finally made it to my home room.
"Here you are Ms. Watson's class. She is a great teacher very sweet she will understand don't worry!" He then winked at me and left going down the hallway and disappearing. I walk into the classroom and find not the person I was expecting. It was a younger man who looked pretty angry.
"WHY ARE YOU LATE TO MY CLASS!" he yelled I looked at him with no fear in my eyes.
"Sorry sir got lost. If you wouldn't yell then maybe I won't be late to your next class." I said as I took a seat at the back closest to the window. I sat down looking out the window.
"Tomorrow I will hand out locks and locker numbers. So, for now please socialize and get to know each other or whatever! After a bit of that we will be going down to the gym to see the different clubs you can join!" he yelled out. Not as loud as he yelled at me, but loud enough for the class to hear. Mr. Watson the son of Ms. Watson. From the look of the woman on the table that’s his mother and my guess would be he is adopted. The reason of my guess is I talk to Ms. Watson at the bakery all the time she was never married she just wanted someone to take over her name. The man told us to get into a group and we followed him down the hall.
'Reminder Rora tell blue eyes he is a liar!' I told myself as I walk down the hall. Our last class of the day is where we go when the bell rings for us to leave. We walk into the gym and everyone goes off and does there own things. That was when I saw a ball hit someone and goes straight towards me. I caught the ball almost losing my balance.
"Nice catch dork. You caught the ball with your face." There was a little bit of arguing then blue eyes approaches them.
'Aha found the dick!' I said in my head walking over to the group of people and guy on the ground.
"I uh caught this ball." I said as the group of people started staring at me.
"Wow you actually caught Kaitlyn's ball!" blue eyes said to me.
"Wow and you actually lied to me blue eyes." I said a cold tone.
"Blue eyes? Oh that's me forgot to introduce myself to ya huh. Sorry about that. I'm Laurence!" he said he said stretching his hand out to reach mine. My heart beat fast.
'Attack! Attack!' I could hear in my head as I tried to reach my hand out. I could see darkness reaching there arms out for me. They grabbed me and pulled me down to the ground. I could feel it people's judgment pulling down with there words. The words of captivity if only I could break myself free, but I couldn't raise up the courage to sing in front of the crowd of people. Trying so hard to keep my breathing steady. I couldn't feel the people around me I couldn't even feel myself anymore.
"Hello you okay hello!" I heard it again the same girls voice that helped me this morning. I was on the floor and I felt something damp on my head. A teacher and the students in the room looked at me. I could feel the judgment and the whispers of people. My heart beat faster once again, but the voice of the girl suddenly woke me from the darkness.
"Aphmau are you friends with her?" Kaitlyn asked as she was looking down at me.
"No, but I helped her this morning. She wasn't to social though I am surprised she even talked to you Laurence. Lend me your ability!" She said jokingly at the end, but for the most part worried.
"I'm fine thanks for worrying about me." I said quietly sitting myself up.
"You all make sure she is okay." the nurse said soon leaving she had a nurses staff tag that's how I could tell.
"Are you sure you're okay you fell to your knees then blacked out and collapsed?" Laurence then said. His cool soft voice making you relax a little more.
"Yes I am fine Blue eyes don't worry about me okay." I said back at him. He laughed at the name I said.
"Well you gonna tell us your name? From our conversation you know all of us."
"Oh the guy knocked out was Travis so uh don't worry about him." Aphmau said once more.
"Okay your Blue Eyes, Peach, B Blue, and Silver." I said pointing at everyone as I said there name.
"Man B blue what does that even mean!" Kaitlyn asked whining.
"Baby Blue." I answered as I looked at her.
"What about my name its peach why is that?" Aphmau asked next thinking about her name.
"Your eyes are like a peach orange, but they have slight brown and yellow. You were also sweet to me this morning." I answered looking at her. As the members were confused about their names a guy with blond hair and ocean blue eyes came up.
"Who's this?" he asked as he gestured to me.
"Blond Ocean!" I called out trying to hide my small smile from everyone. Everyone laughed out as Blond Ocean started asking what was the nickname.
"We don't know yet, but she is giving us nicknames." Laurence said explaining what everyone else's nickname was.
"Blond Ocean what's your real name?" I asked looking at him.
"Garroth." he answered my question quickly, but added "So, then who are you?" Everyone looked at him as he asked the question.
"Rora, Rora Tyndall. I go as the name Rora, but people will call me Rose." I answered the question my expression and tone still cold and dead serious. Everyone then said.
"We'll call you Rora!" Everyone went back to what they were doing and I was left alone. I then started to walk around the booths. There were a lot of booths for clubs. Writing club and Music club where the only ones I was really interested in, but writing club they will give you writing assignments and music club doesn't include singing or piano. So, whatever. Then the bell rang and I was ready to go to my last class of the day. Looking down at my schedule there were it was my next class on the map.

Making my way down the hallway I found myself in a room full of werewolves. There wasn't a single human or cat and so I sat in the back of the window.
"How the hell did you get into this class?" one of the werewolves asked me.
"Piss off!" I called out as the werewolf got closer to me.
"What did you say to me?" he then said pulling at one of my ears. I hissed but then he grabbed the other ear and pulled on them both.
"Did you not fucking hear me I said piss off." I said only for him to here.
"Aww the little kitty is scared of the big dogs!" the werewolf said talking to me in a baby voice. I then stood up and pounced onto him biting at his neck and ripping off some flesh. Spitting it out the werewolf howled in pain. I heard Peach asking what was happening and a guy sat and watched. I heard running footsteps. I then bit at his arm ripping out more flesh and his sleeve.
"Hey hey break it up break it up" The teacher called out as he tried to slip us a part. I clawed the teacher's arm and then picked the guy up throwing him out the window.
"God you kids are reckless! You broke another window!" the teacher said.
"Well class this is a demonstration on why you don't want... your a cat!" I wiped the blood from my mouth spitting it out the window.
"Yeah so what!" I ask looking at the teacher.
"How did I get you onto my roster?" He asked me looking at his roster.
"I don't know ask the principal." I said blankly looking at the teacher.

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