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Imperfect Remnants

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The Story of Malvin

I drew this character before wanting to make a story about him, but wasn't to sure what I wanted to happen. I just kind of started writing what came to mind you know. I don't know.

Chapter One

My Beginning

I sat on Sarah's desk pins in my arms and one in my eye. I'm not worried, Sarah always does this. She made me to put pins in me. I mean that was what I was made for. It's something I can't change. Something I don't want to change.

"OK Malvin, I think I am done for today!" I heard Sarah say as she pulled the pink pin out of my eye and putting it in my green seven.

She then left her desk and walked away. I've always loved Sarah. She was the one who made me. She's the one who always uses me. She is my best friend. Or was my best friend.

I only remember that day. My last few memories with Sarah. She left me behind in the old house, I was abandon. Now it's breaking down. I still sit at her old table from time to time. The same sewing machine next to me as I remember the last time it was used. Moving my hand up to my face I look at the machine again, pulling a pin from my arm. It didn't hurt, it never does. It just in the way. I leave it over to my right leg standing up.

The house is breaking down and the place is really big. What happened to this place? How long has Sarah left for. Looking out the window by her desk it was day time and it looked as if it was noon. Walking closer and closer to the window I look to see the entire neighborhood is breaking down and broken. The sky was filled with orange clouds. There was no one around. A bit surprising to see no one. Except for one person they had a mask on so I couldn't see there face. They looked at the window I was at and headed towards another house. He wore rain boots and a leather coat. Was it cold? Hopping of the window sill , but it felt more like falling if you asked me. I walked over to the corner where the stairs where there was a girl. Well she was a doll she was about the same size as me she had orange hair and different sized eyes. She looked really sad if you looked at her. I touched her she then looked up at me.

"I am so lonely!" She called out as if she was talking to someone.

"Who are you talking to?" I asked looking behind me.

"Why isn't my owner any were near. She always has me where did she go?" The Doll then asked looking around us.

"It's looks bad outside have you looked?" I asked pointing my arm to the window. She stood up and looked at the window.

"How did you get up there?" She then asked looking at me me.

"I jumped down from that table but there are some clothes over there we could climb on with my pins and needles" I answered now pointing at the clothes rack by the window pulling a pin out of my leg and eye we walked over and I climbed up throwing the pins down to the doll.

She climbed up almost falling down tearing a bit of the sleeve. We then made our way to the window and looked out seeing the same thing we saw before. We saw the orange clouds and the man again. This time he was about to get into our house. Could he see us? Would he take us in? What would happen if he found us?

He bashed the door opened the door now inside the tattered a broken down house. Making his way through the house and not entering the room with the sewing machine. He left going up the stairs the roof was a bit broken there was water leaking from the roof. The doll and me ended up back down heading towards the stairs. We looked up and the disappeared that is very weird for a man to just vanish in thin air like he did. We then heard footsteps. It was the man, but the roof collapsed is there no space to crawl unless she found spot to crawl in. Looking up once more there he was the man looked down at us.

"Who are you?" the doll asked. She was very blunt about it and speaking straight out like being alive was a normal thing for her, but it wasn't she had just awoken from her deep slumber. How could she feel so comfortable speaking to this stranger.

"I am a traveler of the war" the man said with no questions on why the doll was talking.

"How could there have been a war without me knowing?" the doll then said looking down as if she was sad. Her facial expression already looked sad she was frowning. It was nothing special. All I had were a pair of eyes and a sewed in mouth, but I have the ability to speak.

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