The Telephone

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Chapter 24

The scientists reached Liddell Street in Sarah’s Cadillac, the exhaust spewed out hot thick smoke as Oswald forced the gas pedal to its limits, the engine roared, telling him in its own unique way to cease his abuse, but he didn’t listen, he revelled in the pain and damage that he wrought upon the car, taking a perverse kind of pleasure in it. He pressed down on the clutch pedal and changed into fifth gear, the car spluttered as if pushed itself to go further. He grinned as he felt the power of the car, creating a supreme feel of power within himself. The other scientists held on for dear life to whatever they could hold on too that was within reach, far from the confidence of asking him to slow down while treasuring the powerful instincts of self-well being.

Oswald suddenly brought the car to an abrupt stop and pulled over to the side of the road, the others leaned forwards in their seats from the sudden force. All of them looked to their right at the apartment building of William’s. Oswald looked at the building with gritted teeth, pure hate and revenge boiled greatly inside him.
Oswald had known for a long time the address of each of the other scientists. In the early days, before they had found the Town Hall as their greatest location, they had used each others homes and apartments to conduct certain experiments, William’s was one they had used often.
Oswald and the others got out of the car and walked towards the front door of the building. They stopped for a moment as they noticed that the door was open and swinging in the breeze.
I want this bastard to be here. Oswald thought to himself.
They carried on through the door, up the stairs to the third floor and stopped at apartment 717. The door was open ajar.
Oswald threw the door open till it slammed into the wall behind it, he stood firmly in the doorway with his hand still on the door, carefully scanning each section of the room. The smell of scotch and recently prepared food still hung in the air. Apart from that, the apartment was like any other in the city, dead.
Oswald refused to submit, his nails gouged out small fragments of wood from the door as he clenched his fingers. “I want this room thoroughly searched,” he said to the others holding back in the hallway. “If he’s still around here, bring the bastard to me.”
Without wasting a second, the scientists ran into the room and began their search. They looked in each room, under the bed, behind couches and armchairs, the wardrobe, anywhere that a person or persons could conceal themselves. Oswald stayed by the door, watching their every step, his arms tightly folded.
After only ten minutes, the scientists were done searching the apartment, the bed clothes hung lifelessly from the bed, drawers and cupboards remained open with contents strewn across the floor, towels clothes and underwear gathered like the remnants of a storm across the floor. But, behind all of this constructed chaos, William and Sarah were nowhere to be found. The scientists stood around the living room, their arms hanging by their sides. They watched Oswald in is repressed anger, waiting for him to crack.
Oswald looked a the mess around him, his nails digging into his flesh when he saw he had come all the way here and was empty handed.
Where the fuck have you gone? You’ve taken the bitch with you, I see.
He looked to the right side of him and noticed a small table lamp sitting on top of a small wooden table. He took hold of the lamp tightly in his hands and threw it across the room, narrowly missing one or two of the others in the process. The lamp smashed against the wall, leaving behind a small gash in the wallpaper.
After breathed in deeply for a few moments, forcing the anger in himself to settle, to wait until he had William and Sarah back where he wanted them. He calmed himself and stood upright, facing the scientists, worry and anxiety was etched across their faces.
“Where done here,” he said quietly. “This place yields nothing for us, now. We will go back to the Town Hall and find this bitches address, if theirs nothing there, we will look and search until we have them.”
The scientists let the weight of their arms hang, their heads hanging low and nodding. Tiredness was prevalent in them, their minds screamed for sleep and rest. It would be dark soon, the dark pink colour of the evening had already started to draw in. The fear of staying outside once the night came still shook them. But, the knowledge of knowing what Oswald would do to them if they went against him kept them going against all other things.
One of the male scientists, Professor David Smith, was the only one among the others to think twice about what he said. For too long he had followed his every demand, terrified of his response to not fulfilling that order. Now, he was tired of it, realising suddenly that someone with a lousy temper and great height wasn’t enough for him to give orders. He looked at the others around him in their saddened expressions then turned to Oswald.
“Why the fuck do we have to do anything you say, you son of a bitch!”
The scientists froze in absolute shock, their minds not fully accepting this sudden change in reality. They looked at David open mouthed, eyes completely wide open. Oswald looked at him with a mix of a shocked and betrayed expression.
David felt the surge of electricity and energy rush through his body, giving him the courage to carry on. He felt strong and powerful, strong enough to do anything. “We’ve followed your every god damn order every fucking day. We started this experiment because we thought it would lead us to something new, something better. But you, you don’t give a fuck about any of that, you just want some petty little revenge against these people, because they went against your plans. Well, boo, hoo. You think I give a flying fu-”
He stopped suddenly and fell backwards to the floor as a loud crack broke through the air. The other scientists hunched down into a ball, covering their heads. A small hole was embedded in the centre of David’s head. Blood trickled from his open mouth, his dead lifeless eyes stared on into nothingness.
The scientists timidly looked up to Oswald. His right arm stayed in a horizontal position in their air, a smoking revolver was in his hand. A creepy grin was stretched across his face.
“Anyone else have any questions about my orders, here?”
The scientists didn’t speak, their faces were fixed into sudden shock, their bodies shook with fright.
“Come on, get up!” Oswald shouted to them, waving the gun in the air. They immediately followed his order and walked slowly out of the apartment with Oswald still pointing the gun at them. He smiled, feeling the almost superhuman strength he now had, revelling in the thoughts of what he would to William and Sarah once he found them.

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