The Telephone

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Chapter 6

The time that is shown in Sarah Gaelock’s apartment is 1:00am, though others would not measure time in this fashion anymore. Sarah likes to see time pass simply as part of an illusion that time for the world itself never did stop and carried on. She liked to think that many of the survivors of the plague left for the country because it was a pleasant country lifestyle; which is why many go in the first place. Many others, however, prefer to not think about time passing or even existing, it just reminded them that death would one day follow. Their knowledge of the afterlife merely gave them a new fear, the fear of not knowing what the afterlife was and what lay there in wait for them.

Sarah Gaelock awakens in the bath, her body free of tightness and tension. She senses the lukewarm water around her and knows she has to get out.
With half opened eyes, she spots the clock on the wall and hears the constant ticking amongst the unending silence. She groans as she orders her half asleep body to get out of the bath and dry herself with the towel. She half dries her hair with the towel and finishes it off with strong blasts from the hairdryer. She wonders what she would do tomorrow. Nothing stands out of any importance. The food and water supply is fine and the generator is fully topped up with fuel and running smoothly. She decides to leave those thoughts to tomorrow, preferring to get to bed as quickly as possible and return to her dreams.
She leans over the bath and sees her tired reflection in the water.
In the smallest of a moment, she thinks she sees someone else beside her. She flinches slightly when she realises it was her imagination. She unplugs the plug and allows the water to escape. She goes into the living room and feels the warming blanket of the fierce fire covering her all around. She puts on her nightdress that is laid out on the bed and switches off all the lights. She decides to extinguish the fire and activates a button on the side of the fireplace. In a few seconds, the fire is out completely, a small amount of smoke and a strong hissing sound is all that remains.
She lies in her bed waiting for sleep to prevail, her eyes gazing out at the small number of stars that fill the night sky. The breeze is still prevalent, slowly blowing through the white curtains.
She wonders what people in the afterlife are thinking of the world now, how they feel looking down on a world that is dead and almost bereft of all life. She wonders if there is a god, why did he allow this to happen to his children and what did he plan for everyone when all were dead and in his unknown kingdom. She wondered what was going on with the Town Hall, why it had that strange effect on her. She decided to go and find out what was going on in that place. Check: Town Hall (A.S.A.P.) She said, mentally putting the note in her memory box.

Her wandering mind finds its way to thoughts of men and sex. Sarah hadn’t been a slut before the plague, but she liked the occasional bed romp. Her body ached and groaned for a strong mans hands to hold her tight, his warm skin against hers creating electricity. Though she had spent a great deal of time in the past forcing it out of her mind, the thought of Ted Jessup’s hands on her reared its ugly head. Despite its ugly image, she wondered seriously about it. Would his hands be sufficient, is his cock any less better than a handsome guy. She seriously needed a man, and their was one mere few feet away.
She found herself slowly starting to move out of the bed, knowing exactly where she was going. Her mind struggling for control, her thoughts racing wildly. No, goddammit, get back into bed now. Screw that son of a bitch. Go to sleep, now!
Eventually, much to her delight, her mind prevailed over her body. She dragged herself back to bed and pulled the covers right underneath her chin, she forced her eyes shut and shut out any other thoughts until she was asleep.

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