The One That Sees

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When a girl notices this being, her life is about to change.

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You know the feeling when something is watching you? The feeling that someone is standing right behind you? That’s them, the one that sees. No one knows who they are or where they appeared. One of the world’s mysteries, I suppose.

Most people think when they are alone, their instincts kick in. But, no. That’s not the case. The one that sees is near you. Don’t be afraid. They won’t harm you. When they see someone alone, they like to be near them so they won’t be lonely. This being is pretty friendly. But since we can’t see them, we feel like we are not safe. When you notice random goosebumps, that’s also them. But that time, they are touching you. Again, they aren’t going to harm you. That’s their way of saying hello since you cannot hear them.

A girl saw the one that sees. She was about fifteen years old when she saw them. I forgot to inform you. Five percent of the world can see this person. Sometimes it’s random. Other times it’s because that person practices magic, witchcraft, that kind of thing. In the girl’s case, it was incidental. Now, I’m going to tell you a story about how the two met.

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