The One That Sees

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TOTS POV (The One That Sees’s POV (point of view))

It was around summertime when I met her. The sun was shining, the birds would occasionally chirp their beautiful songs, and there was a slight breeze in the air. It seemed like the perfect day to go to the park. So, that’s what I did. When I got there, only one person was in the playground. A girl was sitting on one of the swings, listening to some melody coming from her headphones. I approached her casually and gave her a simple tap on the shoulder. The lady sat up and gazed at me. She paused her music and took off her headphones. The girl was looking at me. Me!

It seemed crazy at first, but then I remembered that one time back in 1895. A boy was playing in the streets alone, and I went over to talk to them. The kid looked at me and waved. He then suggested that I should play with him. I, of course, agreed. And I thought it was unusual that he noticed me, but others did not. This was the same situation, but she didn’t ask me to play with her. The girl looked at me and asked me if I needed something. I shook my head and sat next to her, looking down at the sand under my feet.

The girl looks over at me and asks me what my name was. That shocked me, figuratively speaking. I peer over at her, gazing into her eyes. Those eyes were as blue as the sky. That made me smile.

“The one that sees,” is what I said to her. She gave me a perplexed expression. Of course, that is a human’s common reaction when they hear my name. I don’t really know my name, but that was the name given to me by the first human that saw me. Their name was Samuel, and he was very nice. Sam had black hair, blue eyes, and a wonderful smile. He gave me my name because I could see people’s auras. Their color depended on their life, and Sam’s was indigo. That meant he was wise, non-judge-mental, and peaceful. You know, stuff like that.

Apparently, the girl’s aura was lavender. This meant she was smart, sensitive, and creative. I happened to notice that she had a scar on her left eye. I felt bad. Anywhoo, she told me her name was Charlie. Charlie said she’d call me TOTS for short. That was the first nickname I have ever been given. It made me laugh. Charlie asked why I was laughing. I told her that the nickname she gave me was the first one I was ever given. And that it was cute. She smiled at me and said thank you.

We later walked around the city, talking to each other. People would stare at her with confusion. They didn’t know that she was talking to me. Once we reached the coffee shop, I explained to her that she was one of the few people that could see me. She asked if I was a ghost. And I told her, “no.” She nodded and sipped her coffee. After about five minutes, Charlie asked me if I wanted to stay at her house. I said that I didn’t need a place to live, but she insisted. Charlie also wanted to have a sleepover. Personally, it was odd that she invited me to a sleepover. But understood that Charlie was trying to be good.

Around eight pm, I rang her doorbell. The girl I met earlier answered the door, smiling at me. She was wearing a white t-shirt, socks, and blue legging shorts. And, her blonde hair was up in a ponytail.

“Hi, Charlie,” I said.

“Hi TOTS,” she responded. Charlie then led me to the living room of her house. She had a ton of pillows and blankets ready for us. Charlie sat on the couch and signaled me to sit next to her. So now, sitting next to her, we watch a movie together as we both curl up under a blanket. We also grew unconscious.

The next morning, I wake up and find her curled up in my arms. She moves a little but doesn’t wake up. While I try to think of a way to not disturb her, Charlie awakens and looks at me with sleepy blue eyes. They looked so lovely close up. She smiled at me, shut her eyes, and wrapped her arms around my upper body. I groaned at the fact that I had to wait longer to get up. Even asked her when I could get up. Charlie responded with the word “never.” This irritated me, scarcely. Luckily, I could wait a long time.

At ten-thirty in the morning, Charlie hugged me goodbye. I assured her she could always call me since I gave her my number. The girl sniffed and hugged me tighter. Charlie giggled at my grunt after the tightening. Later I left. I then got a call on my phone. Once I answered it, I immediately regretted it. A fellow with a deep voice informed me that they wanted to talk to me in an alleyway near the place, Comfy and Such. I agreed and asked them why. It was too late to get an answer because they hung up.

Later, I came to that spot and found my brother waiting for me, smiling. Definitely wasn’t happy to see him. He looked like me, but he had curly red hair, grey eyes, and freckles. Those freckles always made him look innocent. I hated it. He was continuous troublemaker, blaming everything awful he did on me.

“What do you want, Bedragare,” I huffed. He watched me with his deceitful eyes. Bedragare would often deceive his victim because he thought it was funny. He would trick his victims by shapeshifting into something. Only Bedragare and I could tell the difference.

“Hello, bro. Couldn’t help but notice you had a girlfriend,” he spoke.

“She is not my ‘girlfriend,’ Bedragare. Don’t bother her, alright. I’m pretty sure I know what you’re up to,” I responded. My brother gave me a teasing look that deserved to get a punch in the face. As much as he annoys me, I still love him. However, he shouldn’t touch Charlie. I don’t want her to get hurt. I’ve seen what Bedragare has done to his sufferers. They were either killed or hurt badly. Usually, emotionally abused.

Plus, he knew that if he touched her, I would tear him to pieces and feed him to killer whales. Bedragare promised not to touch her, but for a price. He wanted me to get him a burrito. Food. His number one choice for exchange options. Agreeing to his terms, I sought out his meal.

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