Camping for Christmas

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Chapter 8

“Why did we pick Star of Bethlehem to sing today?” Kenaniah asked Jamey as they made their way to the RV side of the campground.

“During this morning’s devotional, Brother Dusty read to us about the wise men seeing the star in the East. It got me thinking about God guiding us on our individual journeys.” Jamey answered him.

That morning, the pastor pointed out that the star did not guide the wise men for most of their journey. The star was a sign the wise men had been looking for, but they still had to travel a great distance based on faith.

“What journey?” Kenaniah felt lost on the subject. He had slept through the morning devotional.

“Life’s journey,” Jamey continued. “You know, God made each of us for a special purpose. It’s our job to pay attention to the gifts, desires, and opportunities God has blessed us with so that we can follow the path he designed for us.”

“How are we supposed to know if we’re on the right path?” Kenaniah wondered.

“That part can be difficult, I think,” Jamey explained. “It’s especially hard to decipher your turning points when you aren’t in a season of prayer and bible study. But, one way to know if you’re doing the right thing is by asking yourself ‘Does this glorify God?’ If the answer is a clear ‘yes’, then chances are you’re on the ‘right path’.”

“I do remember a sermon about confusion coming from the enemy,” Kenaniah added.

“Right. If you’re confused, you might want to slow down and pray for clarity before making any major decisions,” Jamey confirmed.

“There’s no way everyone always makes the right choice, though,” Kenaniah’s mind was really digging into the subject.

“That’s where God’s artistry and amazing grace come into play,” Jamey reminded him.

Kenaniah thought about all the tales of redemption he had heard. God really could turn around any situation.

“That reminds me of Linda making spaghetti,” Kenaniah reminisced.

“What?” Jamey had no idea where this was going.

“You remember! In bible school, whenever we would mess up our pictures, Linda would help us turn the mistake into a bowl of spaghetti.” Kenaniah smiled at the memory. He wondered how many sloppily drawn scenes of Jesus feeding the 5,000 had hidden bowls of spaghetti in them.

Jamey smiled, too. Linda had helped him draw many bowls of spaghetti. Sometimes, he even made a mistake on purpose to see if it could be “spaghettified.” It always could.

The boys sang “Beautiful Star of Bethlehem” with a new passion that day. They even wrote a new song about God’s guidance that night.

They entered RV campsite number 6 and weren’t ready for the curve ball that came at them. Literally.
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