Camping for Christmas

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Emily’s phone was ringing nonstop again. She was dropping papers trying to answer it, an all too familiar scene.

“Yes, Lora, I’ll put together that grant budget right away.” Emily assured her longtime boss, friend, and mentor at the nonprofit.

When faced with the decision on whether to change careers or not, Emily couldn’t bring herself to part with her beloved nonprofit.

However, she also wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to work towards her dream.

She had come to a compromise. Emily was now working remotely for the nonprofit and spent most of her business hours managing Sunny Sage. It was a fun and busy time, and she was learning a lot.

Emily and Rylan began attending church with their friends from Agape Poppy and devoted Sundays to family time. This day was Monday, February 1st, 2021.

Emily wore a bright blue apron with yellow trim that Lavonne made especially for her new role at Sunny Sage. She flipped the restaurant sign to ‘Open’ and made sure everything was presentable for the day’s patrons.

The door bell tingled and she launched into her usual, “Welcome to Sunny Sage!” Before she saw who it was.

Ranger Hicks stood before her, smiling as big as he possibly could.

“You never called,” he observed. She was still as beautiful as he remembered.

“No, I wanted to, but I’ve had a lot to do with the business,” she trailed off. It was true, she had thought of him often and had thought of calling. But she hated talking on the phone, especially to people she hardly knew. She figured that if he wanted to talk to her badly enough he would find her, and he did.

“I like your restaurant,” He noticed many traces of his campgrounds in her decor choices.

“Thank you, I have the Christmas trip to thank for much of its success. Would you like to try the tea of the day?”

“What kind is it?” He asked, ignoring the specials board.

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