The Birth of JESUS and Beyond

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In my heart I had to learn more about Jesus and not from the Bible, because I’ve already read the Bible. After reading about him in the Book of Urantia, I’ve learned more about him and his never-ending love. In my work, “The Birth of Jesus and Beyond,” I share his life and his mission.

Sharon Oberne
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Before Birth

Before Michael's (Jesus) incarnation on Earth, Gabriel, with others, came to our world to decide upon the best location, as well as the best average family life possessing intellectual and spiritual values. Gabriel decided a Hebrew family would provide the best setting for Michael in that time period. It had been Michael's plan to appear on Earth as an average man, so that the common people might understand him and receive him. Therefore, Gabriel selected Joseph and Mary to become Michael's bestowal parents.

Before Gabriel came to Mary to let her know she was chosen to become the mother of a special child, he appeared before Elizabeth, who would become the mother of John the Baptist. Mary and Elizabeth were part of the prosperous branch of the same large family, so therefore, they knew each other.

Elizabeth was married to Zacharias, a member of the Jewish priesthood, and for many years they were childless, until Gabriel had appeared before her in the month of June, 8 B.C. at noontide, three months after the marriage of Joseph and Mary, and later he'd make his presence known to Mary. Gabriel spoke to Elizabeth saying, "While your husband, Zacharias, stands before the altar in Jerusalem, and while the assembled people pray for the coming of a deliverer, I, Gabriel, have come to announce that you will shortly bare a son who shall be the forerunner of this divine teacher, and you shall call your son, John. He will grow up dedicated to the Lord, your God, and when he has some to full years, he will gladded your heart because he will turn many souls to God, and he will also proclaim the coming to the soul-healer of your people and the spirit-liberator of all mankind. Your kinswoman Mary shall be mother of this child of promise, and I will also appear to her."

Zacharias was skeptical of what Elizabeth shared with him concerning Gabriel's visit and her conceiving a son, until it became obvious she was with child and he, himself, had a vivid dream that Elizabeth was to become the mother of a son of destiny.

John the Baptiste was born in the City of Juda, March 25, 7 B.C.. From his earliest infancy, John was judiciously impressed by his parents with the idea he was the become a spiritual leader and religious teacher.

And, likewise, as with Elizabeth, Gabriel came to Mary a day before her conception and said, "I come at the bidding of one who is my Master and whom you shall love and nurture. To you, Mary, I bring glad tidings when I announce that the conception within you is ordained by heaven, and that in due time you will become the mother of a son; you shall call him Joshua (Jesus), and he shall inaugurate the kingdom of heaven on Earth and among men. Speak not of the matter save to Joseph and to Elizabeth, your kinswoman, to whom I have also appeared, and who shall presently also bare a son, whose name shall be John, and who will prepare the way for the message of deliverance which your son shall proclaim to men with great power and deep conviction. And doubt not my word, Mary, for this home has been chosen as the mortal habitat of the child of destiny. My benediction rests upon you, the power of the Most Highs will strenghten you, and the Lord of all the Earth shall overshadow you."

Mary did as told. She thought her son would become the Messiah and didn't share her son was of divine nature with anyone other than Joseph and Elizabeth. Upon returning from a visit with Elizabeth, she spent time with her parents, Joachim and Hannah and shared the news of carrying a child. Mary had two brothers and two sisters and she only shared with one of her sisters, Salome, that she thought her son would become a great teacher.

Of course, Joseph was skeptical that Mary was carrying the divine messenger and her story about Gabriel's visit, until Joseph had experienced a very impressive dream.

A brilliant messenger appeared to him among other things saying, "Joseph, I appear by command of Him who now reigns on high, and I am directed to instruct you concerning the son whom Mary shall bare, and who shall become a great light of mankind. He shall first come to his own people, but they will hardly receive him, but to as many as shall receive him, to them will he reveal that they are the children of God."

In these visitations not a word had been expressed about Jesus becoming a "deliverer of the Jews," or the long-expected Messiah. His mission on Earth was to all races and peoples, not to any one group."

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