The Emotion of Love

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What is love.

Tiahna Schrader
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The Emotion of Love

The emotion of love. It runs through your very veins; doesn't it? But, do you really know what it feels like? Is it the adrenalin rush that pumps through you when you see your crush? Is it the excitement you get when your partner remembers something small, or is it the quiet calm you get with people you've know a long time? Love is different for everyone they say, and yet I am still trying to figure out what love is for me. How can one emotion be completely unique for tens of billions of people, and why do I not seem to feel it? I smile when I see my mum because I know she is important, but how does one know the extent of love, and how are we meant to find out what love is for us? In a world where more and more people are turning into emotionless zombies, or finding material ways to "spice up life" how are we meant to know what anything feels like? The warmth of the sun on my skin with crystal clear water around me, tells me I am happy. The smile on my face when I hear his voice tells me I am happy. The fluttering of butterfly wings in my heart and stomach when I think about him tell me that I am happy and nervous, yet do any of these things tell me that I feel love?...I don't know. He's not who they want him to be and yet he is everything to me. Is that love? Complete and utter acceptance of a persons differences, and if so, at what expense? You cannot put a monetary value on love they say, but if you could... what would it be? Would everyone's be different depending on how strong their love is, or would it all be the same? Would mine be more than his, or less because I left? Does he know what he is talking about when he says that he loves me? Why are the words "I Love You" so very important if no one truly knows what they mean? Is love a real emotion, or is it just a word somebody made up to justify their actions and the connection they feel towards another person? Can you love more than one person at a time? If yes, how? If no, why? How can you fall in love with someone and then so quickly fall out of it? So many questions, so many possible answers and yet no body can answer me. What is love? How can a person express "love"? Some people say that violence or abuse is the way they express their love, however others say that is wrong. They say love should only expressed through kind gestures and sweet words. What does love look like?
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