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Sinned Alloy

It was the Nazis who brought the “Final Solution” into the world, but one of the gods found a real use for it

He assumed the collection work would last forever until that idea was born. He had a fair amount of dirt from a witch hunt, but it wasn’t enough...

He went crazy seeing a little amount of dirt he had from working a lot until he started kicking everything next to him. He had to cross days and women just to find burnt people and rarely burn people. Collecting dirt from the floor was also a task of its own. Until the Nazis burned Jews in crematoriums and he came every night and took the dirt off the crematorium with satisfaction.

He needed dirt mountains and crushed bones to create a chair that Hades had ordered on special order, for which he would receive the soul of Ares and Afrodite’s daughter. He took the bones from people who committed suicide by jumping or hanging or from people who were run over.

All this wouldn’t have happened if Aphrodite hadn’t gotten pregnant. From the moment Aperodita told him she was pregnant, he already knew the father of the fetus wasn’t confirming Ares. It didn’t bother his heart because he always knew her heart belonged to Lars and not him, but more than that he knew he was responsible for rust flooding the wave of tooth waves. If he hadn’t chosen Aphrodite as his wife for revenge and irony, he could desire, but since it’s Aphrodite, if he desires her, he’ll fall for the same sin they’ve committed for him.

Trees shed their branches and the sky was worn in the clouds. Like them, Aphrodite looked at the time of her birth. It amplified the flame inside him but she smiled for him because as of this season she too is going to pass from her body.

For Aphrodite, her power was in beauty because she made people do what she wanted, but when she was pregnant, half her power was lost. She could have comforted her faithfully, but it wouldn’t have been enough if the lightning hadn’t left their mark, wouldn’t have believed in her heart that all human beings are painted and talk to others only when they need them.

What she didn’t see was that her body wouldn’t bounce back after giving birth and it killed her a little bit more with each passing day and the consolation round wasn’t anymore because she knew they weren’t in her condition so it’s easy for them to talk. Ares didn’t even try to comfort her because, as in war, everything goes by, and from that, there is no need to give things importance, however, Hephaestus came over, but Aphrodite kicked him out of her face, for her he would have been a reason for this whole situation if he hadn’t taken her hand then none of this would have happened like this.

The girl could already walk and talk but did not speak or walk around Aphrodite because that’s how she was taught. Hephaestus didn’t think it was a good idea for a girl to be most of her time in the smithy because of the heat and the dirt, he put her at Ares because he was the girl’s father anyway. He, too, though it was not a good idea for you to be with him for fear that she could not cope mentally at that age with the gods and he handed her over to Demeter.

She learned how to grow each vegetable and fruit. This is how she worked until early adolescence, between the crims and the plants.

From there she moved to Artemis, at first snatching a market from the sight of a dying boar but she got used to it after a few hunting trips. In her spare time, she continued to grow plants.

After puberty, she went to study with Athena and on Fridays at Apollo from morning to evening from mathematics to medicine for seven years. When she was transferred a third time, she thought she was becoming unbearable, but gathered her temper and realized that she simply wanted to enjoy the world and enrich herself.

In honor of her ending, Hephaestus made her a copper and gold sword. A sword like this would usually be decorated because of the weight of gold. It made him wonder why those who had even passed their supervision on to the child, had never heard a complaint about her. The thought of it didn’t leave him until he made an iron sword for her instead. But he wouldn’t let her think he’d have to explain who he was and why he was giving it to her and how it would cause a complication.

Besides Apollo, she met a man into the world until she went down to the human world the day after she graduated with Aetna. The first place her foot touched was the harbor. It was the first time she had seen the sea and the salty air magic to her. Besides him, nothing was new to her, but Athena taught her everything in the world of gods, but still enjoyed seeing it all in reality and more when she got from a merchant in the market near the port apple for free until she tasted it and was disgusted. While she tasted it, the merchant asked her name and what she came here for because it was not suitable for hunters to reach the sea but they were better off staying by the forest. Instead of answering his questions, she missed a face and asked if that’s how it tasted like all his apples. He in response got angry and replied that his apples were the most familiar in this market. On her way, she received more gifts and was asked the same questions as before and continued to answer the same question, until she had had enough and returned to Olympus. On her way back she thought why she got it all for free if the rest of the people had to pay for them as a way of nature

Her pride in wisdom got the better of her and instead of listening to reason and asking one of her mothers, she thought for herself but, she couldn’t find an answer. A week later, she returned to the same place on the market and did not have to travel more than a meter until she was caught. If they knew that living with Artemis wasn’t trying to get close to her, the enemy moved to raise his weapon, but before he could do anything she reacted. Punching him in the nose she took advantage of his surprise and twisted his arm behind His back and pushed him. His nose hit the floor and bled. Instead of coming home, she ran towards a boat and jumped into it. Not a few seconds passed and was surrounded, she raised her hands and said she surrendered and got out of the boat. She didn’t watch her shoot an arrow once she was on the ground, just shooting at animals to eat and nothing more. She passed out from the beating that landed on her and only saw black.

She woke up tied up in a wooden room next to slaves tied up. She asked one of them where they were, and she replied that on the ship towards the war in marathon city. She didn’t understand what they had to do in the war if they were connected and asked what they would do to her. She took a look off and answered that she was going to be in a men’s camp and how she was so calm about what she was telling her. In her heart, she thought it was a joke until they arrived at the camp and it didn’t take a few minutes before she saw what they were doing to them. Luckily, Ares came to the camp and cut the knots with the intended iron sword he had given him before he left to free her. When Shekma asked who he was and where he knew where she was from. He just told her he was her father and once she had walked through the camp he knew she was in and made no mention of his identity as a father. She’s unreliable to him and thought he’d do worse to her and so took the sword from him and stabbed him.

Usually, when someone is injured, they keep fighting for their life, but that’s not how Ares chooses. Ares took out the sword of our gaze and inserted the sword through his heart and died. All that went through his head was peace and the feeling that everything was going through and once he died all the soldiers who had died with him.

She didn’t understand why they were dying and kept running as long as she was vacationing in it. Meanwhile, Aphrodite didn’t understand why it was taking him so long to get back, she came down on her own and from the sky could see that only one person was alive and everyone else was dead. When a question came to settle the matter, she didn’t see in her eyes and punched her in the front that broke Aphrodite’s nose. It wasn’t the blood that hurt her, it was the thought of her broken beauty and kicked her. That’s how they fought, she’s with the fighting techniques she learned and she’s using her divine power. During the fight, she saw injuries on her hands and it reminded her of the last time her body wasn’t perfect and she couldn’t handle it again. In anger at this, she decided to take out the heart of her house and went to a cliff nearby and jumped from it to her death.

All three goddesses who were raised here celebrated that Their character could begin to rule the world and not that of Aphrodite because the men would deal with them instead.

Hephaestus only cared about fixing the only sin he had, if he killed the child, he could show that he didn’t care about the sight of a man. But what he cared about people was their position in society because of that he married Aphrodite and wanted to revive the child so that he could connect with her and his position would rise, even though there was already a blacksmith.

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