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A happy mask, but a painful past

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I'm sorry in advance. This story is a point of view of a life that still haunts me to my very creepy core. note: if you see a spelling mistake or have a question for me please tell me and or ask me. I will try to get your questions.

Other / Drama
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Chapter 1: The pain

They say the pain will go away with time, and time heals all wounds. Well, then when will my wounds heal! When will time heal mine? The pain and suffering I have to go through to be noticed, acknowledged, so much pain, sadness, and sorrow I have been through putting ting my body through the torture. The bottling up my feelings and putting on a mask; I have to wear to hide the fact that I'm broken on the inside and yet no one knows how much I hurt how much the pain is so hard to bear, the fear of letting someone in to see the pain that I hold within my heart the cracks the and stitches and glue to keep myself from falling apart is so hard to do. The times I laugh I can't help but feel is this my last? The times I cry will anyone hear my calls when I need them the most!? The feelings of love and living seem to be a faded memory. The fact that my body on the outside may not be harmed but the inside is the mental cuts the mental scars and bruises the holes that riddle my heart to no end the pain, the hate, the envy, the bitterness I have just to feel joy only for it to fade away in a fleeting moment of the knowledge of knowing it will always be pulled away from me. Tell me have you ever felt so hollow inside that your numb to the core? The feeling of emptiness and all that is left of your hollow shell was regret? Did you ever feel so empty that you tried to fill the void of booze or drugs or other sources?
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