The System Tricked Us

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The system tricked us...this traced back to the history at demon world before a millennium....when the situation was dire the system was introduced yes, they were living for a million years....and the lifespan of demons did increase several folds thanks to the system's levels....but there was a conspiracy in it...Rachel and Lemy escaped while the remaining faced tragedy including both of them being the prey must be killed...the tragedy was internal conflict...but How?? the question remains...but little did the demons know there was someone....controlling behind the scenes. Rachel was named Rachel the scoundrel...if he sees a beauty he persuades them and wins over their heart...nevertheless he reached a barrier that was his system...everyone living in the demon world had systems...Rachel was the same...but who knew these systems will turn out to be the end...however all his troubles started from saving a girl from prison, the residents of the demon world described her as "death god" why? because she started killing people like on a spree with bloodshot eyes...thus they locked her however when Rachel noticed her he decided to save her and yes he did it...but he ran away from home why? his relatives and kinsmen went against him. When the system appeared publicly they gave promises of this and that...but who knew they fulfilled it though...the demon world had to pay a ver

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Chapter 1- it??

[The world shattered]

[Corpses scattered]

[When life was torn]

[Then...the system was born]

[Lol...but where is peace?]

[When there is an attached race]

[Cries of despair]

[There...was no repair]

[What use is being the first?]

[Is it to quench your thirst?]

[ was to raise your greed]

[Still all we hope was to be....freed]

[But....friends in need]

[Paid no heed]

[Death is near]

[Craving is clear]

[ much long??]

[Am I wrong?]

"*sigh*...I will ask this question to the death god himself" he declared and decided his next course of action.

"Haah...every one of my enemies are dead....and my time draws near too.." he said nonchalantly.

He extended his hands upwards, pointing towards the bright black sky with beautiful blinking stars, and a long white light can be seen.

Something flickered from the corner of his eyes, and a small black dragon appeared out of thin air.

"Oh, you came out...Lemy," he said, looking at the creature casually like he is familiar with it. The creature was short with a 50cm height and wide body. She is definitely a female, looked chubby and cute with puffed cheeks.

"What a beautiful poem you recited," he complemented Lemy.

[Aaah...I guess it's our last moment...I want you to cuddle me like the old days,] she requested with a sad tone. She had black scales all over her and small black red wings on either side of her for flying.

"Oh...sure, why not?" he replied happily, spreading both his arms outwards. However, his hands, face, and body were all covered in many liquid....most of it being blood.

"But...I am dirty you know.." he continued in a sad yet worried tone with his face still twisted in heavy pain.

[Of course, you dummy, do you think I will ignore you and not love you after all the things you did for me?] she chuckled lovingly with her eyes rolled, while flying in a circles around his head.

When she was right above his head she disappeared for a split second, her chubby head transformed to a mature chiseled face with phoenix eyes of black pupils and black waist long beautiful hair. She wore a black robe that outlined her huge curves on her back and front.

She looked like a fairy but chill run through anyone who stares at her.

Sadly no one was present in this barren land.....littered with corpses, blood, weapons, banners, iron, armors.....above it all a person was lying....on the mountain of corpses.

[Hehehehe....all are we are also going to be the same....] she said with no emotions displayed on her bright white face, but at the last sentence she showed a sad tone with a hatred filled face.

She is currently lying her back on him, with her back pushed against his refined muscled chest. He was looking at the bright, flickering white stars at the sky.

"Ayy.....a million years ago....system appeared...they tricked us at first.....many things are uncertain...why did they appear? What is their objective? It betrayed us all...making us go in a the result is with everyone being dead...only leaving behind me and Lemy behind....I, the great scoundrel Rachel, am going to end....Haah the legend goes on...but if people are not there then what is the use of legends?" he blabbered and summarized all the events that took place. If anyone visits this world they will wonder what happened to it.

"I ran away from home...for sheltering someone they called "death god". But who knew she was the direct lineage of the extinct black dragons...the systems played an experiment on black dragons for ten the last surviving of their kind is Lemy or Princess Lemy.....ayyy, who knew the cute girl I once sheltered had such a grand status," he chuckled with his eyes closed, reminiscing the old events that took place.

[Hehehehe~....he loved me and I loved him....time passed and we developed our emotions...who knew the one I loved was a lecherous scoundrel...surrounding himself with girls...*hmph**hmph* I kicked all them out...but still he continued] she pouted cutely while still staring at the distant sky.

"*sigh* now that "they" are gone....and we are hidden...we got saved...those people were doing something suspicious...those dark male angels...what were they taking??" he pondered out loud voicing and alerting Lemy.

Lemy curiously heard his ponder, but sadly she also had no idea or answer to his questions.

" Well, whatever...I don't have any relatives other than you.." he continued. Yes, he said was right. He held no kinship to the demons who died against him.

Suddenly Lemy narrowed her black as she glared at something in the distance.

[They will surely attack the human world next...] she replied while looking at a distant star.

" will they react? Like us? Or will the humans turn the tide?...aaahh if we had more time.." he replied sadly, anticipating what will happen next.

{The old times are gone}

{No rise of tone}

{"The game of thrones" ended}

{"They" placed this curse to send...rendered}

{Yes...blood flowed throughout the demon world}

{Kakakaka..what a beautiful and sad lord}

{Kakakaka....his reactions when he was betrayed}

{He was totally enraged}

{ winners?}

{Those guys...they will be dead sooner or later} an old voice resonated far and wide throughout the demon realm.

It was a voice that sounded very, very old, filled with wisdom and kindness.

{Oh, what do we have here....two lust demon and another.....w-w-wh-what?!}

The old voice abruptly stopped at the end, there was obvious shock in his voice.

{Hahahahahahaha...those old geezers...} the old voice laughed out loud wildly, which covered whole of the entire demon world.

{Now now...hmm you escaped the "game of thrones" for the prize, I will give it to you...please enjoy it kakakakaka..I heard you are a scoundrel through and through...hmm}

The old voice stopped and started thinking about something, concentrating with his all might. At last his thinking stopped as he continued,

{Then it's decided, you will be reincarnated to....the human world..} the old voice declared loudly.

There, laying on the littered mound of corpses was a dumbfounded Rachel, and Lemy too, with wide eyes at first then narrowed her pupils to the size of a needle.

After few moments Rachel spoke, stuttering and shocked "y-y-yo-you are..?!"

{Shhh...yes I am....don't say's a taboo...kakakaka those old geezers won't find me unless someone speaks my name..kakakakaka} he laughed mockingly loudly.

{ know a lot...let me transport you and your...err..dem....*cough* *cough* that girl to the human world.} the old voice continued, coughing at first as he was about to reveal something...that was branded taboo throughout the world.

"R-r-rea-really?!" Rachel inquired in an excited tone. Even Lemy was left stunned by what the old man said, her face was too filled with joy.

{Yes,} the old voice replied with a deep and wisdom filled tone.


A sound resonated throughout the demon world, making Rachel and Lemy unconscious.

{Kakakaka....boy, you have the blessings of me and that bastard like scoundrel...Kakakaka boy are you him? or are you his...?..and that can it be..?} the old voice was abruptly interrupted by another voice at the last sentence. He was shuddering and frightened endlessly, so he chose not to speak this or reveal it.

" old geezer, what are you doing here?...and what was that familiar aura I felt here..? Don't tell me you did something..?" a male voice resonated, most likely belonging to middle-aged person.

{Kakakaka...that bastard scoundrel's aura it is...I don't know why but did how that lecherous and lusty bastard end up here..?} the old voice replied nonchalantly while pondering for answers, but nothing came to his mind.

"Him? oh...after "that" thing he never was seen again...I wonder what happened?...oh and I came here to inform you that those old geezer's of the council is calling you back...they gave you the wrong mission...or something like that," the middle aged voice replied.

{Tch...those geezers..} the old man complained.

Then he made a slicing motion with his arms afar vertically and horizontally.


With this one move, he sliced apart the demon world with a device, and walked away like nothing casual happened. He strode towards the middle aged man with no emotion but deep within him hatred was there and it was directed towards somewhere else.

With this they disappeared from that place, leaving behind the small remnants of the demon world and shattered stars.

The place then continued in silence with no wind only flickering stars diminishing then brightening with rhythm.
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