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Nightfall Bond

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An alpha A beta A witch A vampire A broken clan A strong pack Come together But does it last forever?

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Kept controlled and tortured for years. Only ever able to rely on each other. Never safe and at near death they are finally free but will Kaiden and Athena ever trust anyone again.

Respected, fair but strict Alpha with a pack more like a family but often feeling alone as his wolf yearns for his mate. He still struggles with his loss everyday and his own guilt, he should have saved them but no one could have ever seen coming what had happened. He hates the species that took them away... so how will he react when one of them despised species lands in his pack.

There will be fights, tears, trust, love, war and heartache. How will it all end?

Important warning- there's will be mentions of verbal, physical, sexual abuse, strong language, rape, neglect, death, blood and fights, child abuse and possibly more. I will update this list as the story progresses. This is your only warning please do not read on if you will be affected by the above.

In addition, there will be boyxboy smut and may be girlxgirl. If this makes you uncomfortable please do not read my story.

If you have questions or queries then I am happy to answer them. But please be respectful towards my work and myself... I will not allow any disrespectful or rude comments.

Thank you

And I hope you enjoy the story.
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