Nightfall Bond

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Chapter 1

"Shut your fucking mouth" his voice shouts causing the house to rumble

"Try and make me" I snarl back

He moves far quicker than I was prepared for, taking me off my feet and down to the floor with a thump.

I curse myself for never learning. Never submitting. I never wanted him to get the pleasure from having me submit. But each time I fought back this is how it ended.

His eyes turn red as his teeth elongate, I glare at him with so much hatred before the beating begins. Fists fly as I once again try to fight back. Try to prevent the bruises I knew was inevitable.

I curse as my head slams to the side, his hands tightening around my neck as the punches come again and again. I feel my eyes grow heavy and before I can fight it blackness takes over.


I awaken in an all too familiar room, sighing as I try to pull my arms from the cuffs holding my body suspended in the air. I must have been here a while as I could feel the familiar ache spread through my body.

I sigh again giving up the fight. I needed to get out of here. I knew he would kill me one day. I knew I would push him too far, I just never learned. He always said I was too much like my father, his brother. That's why he hated me. That's why most days he tried to kill me.

I hear the door open and look up to my uncle whom stands with a sickening smirk across his face.

"I fear you've pushed me too far this time... what you've done cannot be left unpunished" his cold voice sends shivers as he walks over to the table full of silver.

"And what exactly did I do, uncle?" My voice horse, my throat burning from the earlier strangulation which I could feel was healing slowly.

"You know what you did" he screams "you tried to kill me, after everything I've done for you. This is how you repay me. And now... I'm left half a man"

I shake my head with a laugh "I would do it all again, dear uncle."

He's lost his damn mind I grumble

So why the hell are you making this worse. Stay silent. You know I can't help.

I grumble again ignoring the voice. Most people in this place thought I was mad because I could hear a voice and communicate with it but all it did was give me peace, safety and security. I didn't know what the voice was but I also didn't care.

I look back to my uncle to see what he'd selected for today's torture. I look at the man stood before me holding the silver whip, his favourite toy. His cunning eyes showing their enjoyment "You will not leave this room alive"

His laugh echos through the room before I feel the sharp whip bite my skin. I hiss at the pain refusing to scream out and give him that pleasure. I just have to endure it and then I'll be free.

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry I cannot help.

It's - ahhhh- okay. I breath deeply as the pain worsens. I have no idea what hit he's on now but I know he's not slowing down. I start to doubt if I'll be okay, I wonder if I will actually make it out of this.

I hear the clang of the whip hitting the floor and sigh with relief, I wasn't sure how much longer I could have dealt with that.

I hear him cackle "don't rest just yet boy. I promised you wouldn't get out and your not" I watch as he walks back looking at the other toys he has access to. He grabs a knife spinning it in his fingertips before smirking.

We'll kill them all. No one will survive, no one that's hurt you will breathe. I promise you

I sigh in confusion from the voice as I watch my uncle with careful eyes.

He stands before me looking down at my clear chest, the opposite to the scarred and marred sight of my back.

"Say hello to your father" he snarls before the knife is plunged into my stomach causing the most excruciating pain I've ever felt to ricochet through my body.

NO. Stay awake. Fight. Please Kaiden plea...

I do not hear anything further as my eyes slip shut and my body falls limp. I just hope for peace.


I hear a whisper of my name. I feel the soothing touch to my face. I feel a slap.

My eyes startle open shocked to find I'm still hanging from the ceiling, in ridiculous amount of pain through my body. My eyes focus in on my best friend.

"A- Athena?" I question, he watches as her eyes look over him with concern. She sees his stomach and quickly puts her hand to it, her palms glowing.

I wince as the wound tries to heal "stop... I'm too injured. Stop" knowing it could cause her too much pain and energy to heal me completely.

Her eyes water before she reaches up to the cuffs desperately pulling at them before she curses and whispers

"quia clauditis esse quod factum est, quia necesse est currere,
et conteram carceris catena,
ut possimus ad propria nostra viam."

(Lock that must be undone, for we must run, break the prison chain, so we can go our own way.)

I stare at her in shock knowing that magic here is forbidden, I look for the burning to start but yet she stands strongly in front of me. It's then I notice her neck is clear for the first time in years.

I watch as the chain quickly breaks and soon I'm dropping to the floor with a heavy thud.

She rushes over to me quickly pulling my arm over her shoulder.

"You need to get out... they plan to kill you tonight." She whispers

"Only if you come with me"

"But- "

"No.. they will kill you to. You used magic tonight, you know it won't be long until they sense that" she sighs sadly nodding along

We stumble a lot as we try to navigate through the dark dingy hallways. She struggles to hold my weight as my legs give out again and again.

"Not far and we will be in the garden. We can go through the forest and then we will be free"

We take a deep breath sharing a look between us before we slam the door open and start our dreaded stumble outside.

"Halt.. your breaking curfew" we quickly look around to one of the men walking around on patrol. As he sees our faces his eyes widen and he shouts out.

I close my eyes feeling them turn red and my teeth elongate. I pull Athena into me and she whispers her protest. I needed to make sure she makes it out. She has to.

I grab her and at speeds I had never reached before I run from the clearing and into the alluring forest. I can hear the footsteps chasing us behind, I can hear the hollering, I can hear the loading of guns, I can hear Athena crying as she tries to stop my bleeding. I can hear everything but I don't stop, I can't risk it.

I ignore the pain. I push through. I don't stop.

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