Nightfall Bond

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Chapter 2

"We believe they are breaching by the south west. We've upped our patrols and changed schedules but each time they find a weakness."

Arlo looks to the young alpha sat before him. She's been in the position for a year now and honestly she is simply an incredible alpha. She genuinely cares for her pack but she's fierce and protective. This is the first issue she's had and from what Arlo has heard it's not just her pack. He looks over to the woman whom expressed her concern for her pack.

"Alpha Mira, I feel this problem is bigger than you think. The fact these thoughtless rogues are making plans, evaluating your patrols and so on means they have someone leading them. I hate to say this but it's probably someone within the pack" his voice is calm and stern as he braces himself for backlash

"How dare you insinuate that a member of this pack is betraying our alpha. We would die before harming her. You brainless fool" it's the beta that stands in all her fury defending her alpha and pack

"Beta Ayah... your alpha has dragged us here for a meeting. We agreed. She not only requested the alpha, but beta and Delta... yet again we agreed. And now you disrespect my alpha because you don't like the truth. So why don't you sit yourself back down to listen before I make you" My beta Lumi speaks as she leans back into her chair. His calculating gaze fixed on Ayah, Lumi has been his best friend and sister since they were toddlers but that look on her face one promising deadly consequences is truly terrifying.

Arlo smirks as he sees the beta share a look with her alpha before she returns to her seat with a scowl crossing her face.

"I apologise for my betas behaviour, things have been tense recently as I'm sure you can appreciate" alpha Mira tries to smooth over.

"Sure.. just do not let it happen again. I do not like disrespect and our allied partnership will be over before you know it. I signed that pact because I believe in your ability to run a pack. Your beta shows fierce loyalty but there is a time and place. Respect needs to be learned. Understood?" His voice adds the timber from his wolf as his eyes flash to show how serious he truly is

"Yes of course. Again I apologise. Now shall we discuss what we are to do with this problem?" The alpha quickly redirects the conversation desperate not to lose the allied pack.

It takes hours for them to formulate a plan, to formulate new sporadic patrols and training procedures and to form ideas on what the rogues might want.

"I hate to say this but we have done all we can... we do not know what they want. They simply break through patrol just to be captured. Firstly, we need more information. We need to speak with other packs to hear the issues they are having. We also need to be on alert. We need answers, are they just being annoying or is there something more sinister going on?" Arlo keeps his voice calm and steady even if he's exhausted and ready to just go home.

"We also need to remember that not every rogue is wild or crazy." Everyone turns their heads to look at Jasper whom has sat silently for the whole meeting. Arlo meets his eyes seeing the pain deep in his eyes before it's masked.

"But... they are rogue for a reason.."

"Alpha Mira, you'll do good to remember not every rogue is rogue by choice. There are circumstances that wolves have been made rogues due to their own alpha's greed. We do not kill thoughtlessly. If we did, we would be no better than the rogues that are bloodthirsty monsters" he stands deciding he's had enough of this meeting. He watches the alpha look at him for a moment before sighing.

"Thank you for your time Alpha Arlo." He nods in response before he turns leaving the room. He liked the alpha, she had promise but her views on rogues needed to change. He could practically smell the disgust on her skin at the mention of them.

Arlo sighs shaking his head as he looks to his dear friend sharing a look they've shared before. Undying love and loyalty. Jasper, the boy Arlo had found broken, beaten and barely breathing stinking of rogue. Jasper the boy whom then saved Arlo's life at the risk of his own. Jasper might have been made to be a rogue but his soul has been the purest he's seen.

He showed the pack that not all rogues were monsters. He showed the pack ways to tell the difference and because of him the Nightfall Pack has grown to be the largest and strongest whom rehabilitate the rogues who need and want it.

"I'm proud of you brother." Arlo whispers as he continues to walk forward, he hears the hitch in Jaspers breathing to show he had heard him.

"Alpha... something's wrong" Arlo turns quickly looking to his beta, lumi stood clutching her chest as her breathing becomes heavy. His eyes grow wide as she staggers.

"Lumi... what's happening?" He grabs her body making sure to keep her stable

She takes a breath as she looks up to his eyes. Her eyes shining the icy white colour they do when her wolf comes to the forefront.

"Someone... is hurting my mate and they are going to die for it" her voice so calm jasper takes a step back.

Arlo furrows his eyebrows in confusion, they had already left the pack and on their way back. There is no one around... so how...

Before he can think further his wolf snarls
Some fucker is hurting our mate.

He looks back to Lumi, his own eyes burning red with rage. If they can both feel their mates but not see them that only means one thing. They are on his land.

Alpha, alpha...Sam took some trespassers to the cells but they're injured. They're going to die

A snarl leaves his lips as he hears Saffi's voice.
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