Nightfall Bond

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Chapter 3

"Stop... you need to stop" I hear Athena scream as I keep her secured on my shoulder. I knew they had given up the chase by now. As soon as we ran through different territories they stopped.

That didn't mean that we escaped unscathed. I know Athena is in pain, I heard the gun before hearing her scream as it pierced her side. I also know I'm hurting her by continuing to run but we couldn't stop, it isn't safe.

"Please" I hear her sob and my heart breaks "Kai... you'll die if you don't stop"

I already know this. I could feel my body slowing. I could feel the exhaustion full force and the burning pain that still hadn't stopped. I know there isn't a way I'm going to survive this and I'm fine with that. I've lived through pain long enough, I'm tired.

I hear her continue to sob the heart wrenching sobs and so I slow to a stop and gently place her down on the forest ground. I look at her side to see it soaked with blood. I see the tears falling from her eyes and I quickly try to wipe them away.

"Athena you must heal yourself" I speak as my legs buckle slightly. I stumble but manage to keep my balance.

I strain my hearing as I hear a few twigs snapping, I try to convince my self that it's a deer and nothing more but as I say that I feel my heart pound and my fingers tremble.

I can hear Athena refusing to heal herself until she's healed me but we both know it's far to late for that.
We both know what is going to happen, it's inevitable.

"Kai-" I shush her quickly as I hear a snarl. My fingers tremble as I step in front of my dear friend on the floor. Her eyes glow as she notices we aren't alone.

I watch as three wolves walk from the trees standing before us, as a man walks in between them. I stare at him already feeling his disgust seeping from his pours.

"Who are you and why are you on nightfall territory?" I hear Athena gasp behind me at the name but I've never heard of any packs.

"We apologise... we didn't realise this is your territory" I reply keeping my voice as steady as I could.

"You expect us to believe this is an accident" he pauses for a moment as his eyes glide over to Athena. I watch his eyes fill with lust and greed, a look I've seen far to often

"Grab them and take them to the cells." His voice is steady as he keeps his eyes on us

One of the wolves change to their human form looking to their leader with questioning eyes.

"But.. shouldn't we take them to the infirmary. They're injured" I stare in shock at the suggestion before I share a look with Athena as she tries to stand

"Do not question me. I was left in charge so do as I say. They could be dangerous, look how much blood is covering the two that can't be all of their own" I snort at his stupidity. Any one could see that I could barely stand and Athena couldn't. We definitely weren't a threat

The men nod as I notice they've all changed back to their human form. They move towards me but I snarl deep and loud.

"I will carry her. No one will touch her" they stare shocked as I quickly pick her up in my arms and look back to them to lead.

I follow them silently. Unsure if we're walking to our doom or to our saviours.

I hold Athena tightly to my body scared that at any moment something could happen. That they could hurt her. I watch as we draw close to a big house that the men begin to leave the guard of us. I frown when I realise we are left with who I believe to be the leader.

We come to a stop before the house and this is when I realise that there's a door leading to what I presume to be the basement.

The man huffs as he begins to unlock the door. He seems to be trying to rush and that's causing him to fumble.

"What on earth is going on Sam?" We all look up to see a woman stood at the doors of the house. Her long dark hair and pale skin making her beauty striking.

Sam's eyes widen before he glares "I'm taking the trespassers to the cells. Not that it concerns you."

I watch as the woman's eyes widen at the rude tone before they narrow. Her eyes quickly search over us before her eyes zone in on the blood.

"They should be taken to the infirmary." She glares at the man called Sam, a look of anger on her face.

"They are fine. The blood is from their victims. Do not question me. I am higher than you" his words end in a snarl

He doesn't give the woman time to respond before he pushes us through the basement doors. I stumble slightly before I regain my footing and carry Athena down the steps. I see the glow of her hands and feel the warmth from her, I sigh sadly knowing she is healing the wounds on my body that she can.

Once I make it in front of the cells, Sam reaches over and quickly opens the door before pushing us inside. I look around and see that considering they are cells, they're quite nice. There's beds in all of them, books left in the corner and a suitable toilet. I frown these were not the cells I had been used to in the clan.

I gently lay Athena on the bed before I turn to face Sam, his dark eyes showing his menacing intentions, a smirk showing on his lips.

"You'll be in a different cell" he indicates for me to leave

"You can go screw your self. I'm not leaving her"

He growls "I'll keep her company... don't you worry"

I stand blocking his way to the bed, I set a stance. I may be feeling weak, I may be feeling tired but there is no way I'm letting him touch her. I look back at her briefly to see her unconscious from blood lost and healing me.

"Get out of the way boy... I just want some fun" he steps forward his hands already unbuckling his belt "and if I can't have her then you'll have to pay up"

I watch silently my body shaking.

We can't win this fight.. we're too injured

We have to win... there's no choice I reply

Sam launches himself at me with a deep snarl, I slip past his attack using his own momentum to smash his head into the wall. I watch as he grabs his head feeling the blood run down his face.

My eyes flash in warning and my fangs drop. It does nothing to deter him as he comes in stronger for another attack. I try to slide under him but the pain intensifies, my body begging for rest and that makes it that much easier for him to quickly grab me.

Slamming me into the ground I scream out in the pain ricocheting through my back. His arm resting over my throat constricting my airways. I gasp for breath as he sneers down on me.

"Once I'm done with you... I'm going to kill you and then it will be her turn... can't protect her if your dead" I gasp as I start to struggle I can't let that happen

He fumbles with my jeans but before much more can happen the door is slamming open. His body flies from mine and slams into the wall, I hear his groan.

I look to see the woman from before standing with anger over her face her hand held up in the direction of Sam.

Witch. She's a witch.

Really? I never would have guessed I reply sarcastically

My eyes begin to feel heavy but I try to stay alert incase there's more danger.

The woman's eyes flicker down to mine as I remain on the floor unable to get up.

"Rest... your safe now. Once the alpha gets here everything will be okay"

It's okay Kai... rest. We need to rest

For once I listen. I submit.

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