Nightfall Bond

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Chapter 4

My heart races as my wolf snarls. I push myself to run harder, faster. My paws pounding against forest floor, dirt spraying up around me as I draw closer to my pack. I can hear Lumi and Jasper beside me as they to run the fastest we've ever run.

As I cross the border I feel my heart stop before it resumes it's pounding beat. I feel my body come alive and my wolf howl with joy. Our mate was here. He was in our pack. But yet still in danger.

We draw closer to the pack house when we see the door to the basement left open. Without shifting back we run through the door and down the stairs coming to a halt as we see the scene before us.

Sam held to the wall by Saffi, groaning in pain as blood drips from his head. I look back as the scent of my sweet mate wafts through the room and to my senses. My beautiful mate laid on the floor, I could smell and see his blood, his jeans unbuttoned and his eyes closed softly. My body warms at finally finding my mate, my gorgeous mate.

As I fully process my mates scent I come to a stop... Vampire. My mate.. my gorgeous mate is a vampire. My wolf growls loudly.

He's not them. Don't judge him for something he didn't do. Give him a chance

But... he's one of them... I don't know how I will deal with this?

We will do it together... get to know him. Give him a chance. By the looks of it... he's experienced a lot now can you snap out of it and help him

I shake my head quickly coming out of my own head and quickly shifting. Walking towards my mate, concern overwhelming when I see just how much blood surrounded him.

"What happened here?" I ensure to use my alpha tone to draw out the truth

"Alpha... I saw Sam leading these two to the basement, he said they were dangerous trespassers. I suggested they needed to go to the infirmary as the female looked to be unconscious in the males arms and they are both covered in blood. He refused, told me to know my place. After I told you, I came down and found Sam fighting the male. He was trying to Erm.. well rape him. And said once he was done with the male he would kill him and turn to the female."

My eyes go from Saffi to Sam whom is still held against the wall. Before I could reply I hear a deep angry growl and Lumi is lunging at Sam her clawed fingers wrapping tightly around his throat cutting of air supply as she snarls in his face.

Sam hasn't always been the best pack mate. Often he threw his weight around, he is a bully among the pack. Singling out who he deems weak and making their life hell until he's caught. My problem has always been the promise I made a dying friend. I had promised his father he would be head warrior and I would never turn him rogue. His father was a good man, he was caring and strong, he had been the previous head warrior. He took a fatal blow for his alpha, me. And so I agreed to his demands.

"Lumi let go" she instantly removed her hand but stays rooted to where she is glaring at the monster.

I look at jasper whom is watching the whole scene with knowing eyes. He had told me many times that Sam is unhinged and would go to far.

"Jasper... can you take both our mates to the pack doctors while we deal with this." He nods as he carefully picks them both up. One over each shoulder. It's the most difficult thing to watch my bleeding unconscious mate leave my sight but I knew I had to deal with Sam first.

"Sam... I cant let this go without consequences. What you've done goes against everything this pack believes in. What you planned to do is unforgivable"

I watch as he laughs loudly "you can't turn me rogue Arlo... you promised my father. I can handle a beating so go ahead." For the first time all I see in Sam is pure evil, an evil I know I cannot let stay in my pack.

"Your right Sam... I won't turn you rogue. I did promise you father but I never promised against execution" I watch as his eyes widen with fear and he begins to beg, promising it won't happen again. But I couldn't trust his word. I also wondered if there is anyone else in the pack he's hurt this way. I know I need to check.

I shake my head with disappointment, it's never easy having to do this let alone to one of my pack members.

"Lumi" she looks over to me her eyes telling me she's ready "kill him... and quickly. Your mates waiting"

I turn on my heel with Saffi following next to me silently. It's not a second later that I hear the tortured screams of Sam. God that's going to be a mess to deal with.

"If I may alpha..." I look to Saffi and nod for her to continue "the only wolf who questioned Sams intentions tonight and informed me of what was happening was Zack. He showed bravery even in the face of his head warrior"

I nod surprised that Zack had been the one to raise the alarm. I had noticed him working harder, becoming stronger and studying to become head warrior one day.

"Saffi... it angers me that some people in this pack still do not see your worth and your position. That's going to change" I look over at the woman who almost everyone had dismissed as weak, they had no idea she took down a whole coven of 38 powerful witches whom had turned dark. They had no idea what she is truly capable of but they will. They will learn.

"Thank you alpha... let's go see your mate"
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