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the power of normal

Accepting the idea that white privilege does exist (and the fact that you are guilty of it) DOES NOT make you racist. I don’t know why, but people always seem to get those confused.

Here are some examples of white privilege in everyday life. Some, I’m willing to bet, that you never even knew were really happening until I pointed them out.

Having a safe relationship with the police

Cops rarely pull you over (or if you can’t drive- your parents). And if they do pull you over, you aren’t afraid and you know it’s probably just because you didn’t use the turn signal or that you were going a little bit over the speed limit.

Being favored by school authorities

This doesn’t mean being a teachers’ pet. Let me show you an example of what it’s like to not be favored.

In fourth grade, two boys got in a fight. I know what happened because they were sitting right in front of me- I saw everything. One white boy had called a mixed boy a “half nigger” and then the next thing I knew, they were throwing hands. I remember how angry they looked, snarling at each oth The mixed boy got suspended for a week and the white boy was given a “stern talking to”.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that you can get off easy. Stuff that you should have gotten in trouble for, didn’t happen. Children of color have to behave at their best at all times because even the slightest mishap can be blown out of proportion.

You can learn about your race in school

When did the last slave ship arrive in the United States? Who is Frederick Douglass and what did he accomplish? What is the Talmud? When and where was the matzah ball soup invented? When did Spain’s influence in Mexico end? What is the viceroyalty? What does that have to do with Spain?

If you can’t answer any of these questions without googling them, then you’ve experienced white privilege in school. History classes tend to go over only white accomplishments. History is more than the American Revolution and the Louisiana Purchase.

○ Soaking in media directed to my race.

Google “beauty” and go to images. More than half of the pictures there (before you even scroll down) are white women.

Google “professional hairstyles” and go to images. They are all pictures of white women with straight hair. Want to guess what “unprofessional” looks like?

Enough said.

You have escaped violent stereotypes against your race

White people have been responsible for so many atrocities to people of the POC community and the LGBTQ community even those with mental health issues and disabilities. These include:

- Genocide

- Lynchings

- Tar and Feather

- Forced Migrations

- Bombings of black churches + synagogues

- Conversion camps

- Cannibalism

And yet, they make POC out to be the savages.

Playing the colorblind card

Enough said.

Haircare products

You go into Walmart or whatever, and you need shampoo. Where do you go? The shampoo aisle right?


Sorry, that just really annoys me. There might be a little section there for “ethenic hair care” but it’s like half a shelf and I have to go and hunt it down to find the good stuff.

You can do well in a challenge of any sort, and not have it be credited to your race

The number of times I’ve heard people say “Well of course she got the highest grade on a math test- she’s Asian” to my best friend is crazy. She got the highest grade on the test because she fucking studied it every night ( I know because she usually calls me at like 1 AM for help).

People are surprised to hear that my English is good. “The way you speak is so articulate. You have such an extensive vocabulary”. How did you expect me to sound? “Ghetto”?


Again, recognizing the fact that white privilege exists, DOES NOT make you racist.

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