The Alpha Queen: Demigoddess of Vengeance

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Borne by the gods, Created from the heart of gods. She was called Hermione, A warrior who seemed revenge for all those who ruined her childhood. She grew up wanting revenge. It was a shock and a hindrance when she realizes she's mated to the son of a rogue, her father's killer. She is no other than THE DEMIGODDESS OF VENGEANCE. Would she stop her revenge because of her mate? Would she turn out to be kind hearted? Would she be able to stop her vengeance? Will her kingdom approve of her vengeance? Would they withhold her from vengeance? Would she be just a love sick goddess? MOSTLY..... would she reject and accept her mate? FOLLOW ME TO FIND OUT!!!

Other / Action
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She was a warrior
She was fearless
She was bold
She was strong
She was hidden
She ruled
She reigned and ………
She conquered
She fought
She killed
She destroyed and ……….
She conquered
She wasn’t ready to be conquered
No one dares her
She was like a fire burning wildly ready to devour them.
She ruled her own world
She had no limit
She seeked revenge.
She wanted payback
She was backed up by the gods whom she owed her life to
She could make you crawl six feet under
She was the queen of beauty
She spat fire
She was a demi Goddess
She was the demi-goddess of revenge
She was backed up by Mars, God of War
She was named HERMIONE

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