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The Alpha Queen: Demigoddess of Vengeance

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Chapter 1



The cloud stared at the Luna openly
She wished it could give her was she so longed for.
She whispered to the trees in her heart if they could help.
She talked to the earth that she moved on with her feet.
She wondered how she went wrong. Being a water nymph, her heart became more heavy
People gave birth through her unfailing service to the water goddess
If anyone was to be blessed, she thought it was supposed to be her
She was at the verge of questioning the gods but she couldn’t will herself to
She believed that was the way her life was written
She couldn’t question them.
To her they knew best.
14 years ago, who would have thought she would not be carrying her own pups by now.
She was enthusiastic on finding her mate early because she wanted 5 pups.
She could see she carried those pups in her dreams
Especially, she could see herself carrying a might and strong pup with brownish red eyes and almost the same color of eyes.
But the question was “HOW WAS THAT POSSIBLE?”
She tried a lot
She visited so many doctors
From the human world, the werewolf world, the vampire’s world, the Lincoln’s world. The nymph’s world but irrespective of that she couldn’t find solution.
She was half Lincoln, half nymph, seeing that her dad was a Lincoln and her mom was a nature nymph.
She was familiarized with nature because her mother thought her how to
She talked with nature; the water, the trees, the birds, the animals everything nature entails.
She approached the river.
She tried disposing the sadness
She believed it was only right to perform her rites with a joyful heart though there was no specific rule for that.
She thought of her mate Radius and his wolf Uranus.
She smiled widely
She loved them so much.
She imagined the sweet voice of Uranus in her head.
She smiled once more and dropped to her knees.
She placed all the beautiful flowers she had gathered on the floor and set the basket aside.
She said all her prayer requesting for fertility, joy, peace, and happiness in the land
She performed the necessary rites, telling the water goddess to accept her sacrifice.
After she was done, she stood up and rose to her feet to go.
She was hindered by the turbulent waves of the ocean
She turned around and she was flunked across, almost hitting the nearest tree but instead she was bought to seat below the tree.
The turbulence decreased and she saw it change to human form.
There stood a beautiful woman.
She sang as she stood.
Her skin was white and cool.
Her skin looked slippery and was spotless.
She was pore less and plain.
Beautiful was an understatement
She deciphered something strange about this woman.
But who was she kidding a woman stood in the middle of the sea was definitely strange?
She shone in the darkness.
Her eyes liked that of a porcelain doll, green and beautiful.
She smiled and started to move in a fluid motion.
The Luna realized it was the water goddess
Her eyes widen almost popping out of its socket
She starts to think she did something wrong.
What had she done wrong?
She didn’t know, so she went to a kneeling position and looked down, closing her eyes.
The feel of coolness on her shoulder made her open her eyes to look up and then she saw her stood close to her, she was smiling. Her green eyes twinkled.
She looked incredibly great.
Her stance inhuman like, too perfect.
She was taller than all human being seen.
Her hair was made into braid as it slid down her back
Her teeth were like white clear, smooth and shining gems.
The Luna looked down and then she saw the woman stood on water which she carried with her.
She was a goddess indeed.
“Hello Thera” The goddess says with a childlike voice
“You’re scared right?”, she asks
“you don’t need to, I don’t hurt” she says
“Thera”, she said and paused, then she continues
“I’ve heard your heart desires and I’ve decided to grant your wishes and your silent tears. You are truly a beloved and faithful person. I’ve read your heart and I saw how you tried to put a genuine smile in your face just to please me, so I would let you on a little insight of the gods. “The goddess says
“You shall bear a child and she would be strong; she would be powerful. She would have a lot of power, people would marvel. She would be a strong judge; she would be fearless. She would be after the heart of each of the whole gods. She would be a demi-god put into human form. She would have some immortality qualities, but she wouldn’t be immortal. She would defeat all the battles she would ever fight and lastly, she would have great beauty. A combination of I, Radius and you, Thera.”
“Because of your good deeds, you and your generation would receive some special qualities. Lucky is the man that is mated to your child. He would be chosen by the moon goddess and he would receive these qualities. Goodbye”, she says and powers off fluidly, faster than the speed of light, and then she enters the water and disappear, taking with her the light she seems to radiates.
Goodbye goddess, Thera says and stands up, the limits of joy in her heart unknowable.
She waked happily to her mate.
What happened? He asked her
I saw the water goddess herself; she says too enthusiastic
Guau! that’s impossible, he says
That’s possible my love, she says to him and lean forward, smacking her lips on his
His hands ran through her hair, making her shiver as electric current ran down her spine
He groans against her lips and pulls back, looking at her and smiling.
So, what happened with the goddess, because I may be wrong, which I doubt I am, but I saw a bright light coming from the direction of the river
You aren’t wrong my dear, you are absolutely right, my love, she says grinning from ear to ear
Have I told you how much I love you? He asks walking towards the kingdom
Yes, multiple times, but I’ll like to hear it once more, Alpha, she says
I love you babe, he says winking at her and she giggles
Same here babe, same here, she says
Nope, you have to say it, he tsk
I love you a lot babe, she says smiling at him

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