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So these are stories that I haven't published yet, but plan to. This is basically a preview of them. the title of each chapter in this book is the title of the book. If the book is mature, the chapter will have a "M" on it even if the chapter I'm showing doesn't have a mature scene in it. Each chapter is will contain a description of the book, the genre, tags I plan on using, and a random author's note. The number on each chapter will tell you which book is most likely to be published which will depend on the number of comments. If nobody comments, then I'll be based on what I plan to do. The tags work differently here than they do on wattpad so just think of them as main element that will be in the story Comment on the ones that you want published first because I have no problem changing the order of when I publish something. I plan on publishing a story from here when I have the free time to dedicate to the story. Also want to point out if I complete a story before it has enough votes to be published, I'll publish it first anyways

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Mated to the Human

Chapter title: Chapter 1

Story description:

Nothing is as it seems.

A 200 year old werewolf trying to pass as a normal high schooler as a last ditch effort to find his mate. An aeos shifter trying to pass as a human as she tries to figure out how to save her family.

Dimitri needs to find his mate. His wolf is on edge, and he has started attacking his own pack members, the people he’s supposed to protect. All previous attempts of finding his mate have ended in failure. His Beta informs that there is one place he hasn’t looked, his own territory. There’s hotspot where many wolves go and successfully find their mate. As much as Dimitri doesn’t want to, he sucks it up and goes back to high school.

It doesn’t take long to find her, but there’s a catch. She’s human.

Loretta is an aeos shifter. A type of shifter that is quickly going extinct. The last thing she expect is find her mate. To be honest he’s not her priority, her family is. The clock is ticking for the life of her parents and her baby sister. Will she be able to save them all or will it all burn up it flames?

Story genre: Romance

Tags: werewolf, mates, mate shifter

Chapters written: 5


A/N: I can’t remember when I started writing this. I just know it was a while ago. A different take on a werewolf story, I guess.

Dimitri’s POV

High school. I never thought that I would be here again. The last time I attended high school was 50 years ago, another failed attempt to find my mate. I sigh as I look down at my school schedule and walk through the school halls. Will I even find her here?

I was particular when I pick this school. My Beta, Jax had reported to me that this school has a large amount of Alpha females which means a higher chance finding a Luna for my pack.

I step into the school office. The secretary stands and greets me with a bow of her head.

“Alpha Dimitri.” She says.

“Hello, Mrs.-.” I respond, drawing out the Mrs.


“Mrs. Moon, could you tell me where I can sign in.” She scrambles and hands me a clipboard.

“My apologies, Alpha.” I write my name down and hand the clipboard back to her.

“Could you help me find this class?”

“Yes.” After she gives me directions, I walk out of the front office.

I’m registered in this school as a junior. The only reason I can get away with that is because even though I am 268 years old I look like I’m 18. It’s what happens to every male and female werewolf that is unmated by the age 18. They remain that way until they find their mate.

I stand next to the door of my second period class and wait for the bell to ring. I didn’t have to wait long. The bell rings and students begin to fill the halls. Some of them openly stare at me and whisper among themselves. I head into the classroom and sit in the back.

It doesn’t take long for students to file into the classroom. James, my beta’s youngest brother enters the classroom and sits next to me. I take in his cropped light blond hair and blue eyes. Unlike me, he actually belongs in this place.

“Hello, Alpha.” He greets me loud enough for only me to hear. I nod my acknowledgement.

“You don’t need to call me that when we are at school.” I tell him. “Just call me Dimitri.”

Though it is werewolf customs to refer to those in high positions by their title then name as sign of respect, it is not necessary when in the presence of humans. We don’t like to announce ourselves even though humans are aware of the supernatural community. Humans are still terrified of us since they still don’t know much about us and I want to keep it that way.

I sit through class without paying attention. None of the females in this class are my mate so I am grossly unmotivated. I feel impatient as wait for the class to end. The bell rings. I stand up and head out the door.

“Do we have the same classes?” I ask James.

“Yes, Al- Dimitri.” He responds. I stop myself from growling at him at the use of my name without the title. I scold myself. I was the one that gave him permission to do that, but my wolf is registering that as disrespect. Being without my mate makes me irrational. We head to our next class.

I feel my wolf bristle in agitation when I don’t find my mate in this class either. I take several calming breaths. This is ridiculous. I have spent the last 250 years without my mate, I can go another day.

However, I do understand my wolf’s impatience. Werewolves don’t usually go as long as I have without a mate. It’s especially worse since I’m an Alpha. Alphas that don’t have their mates slowly go insane and I am no exception.

I’ve been able stall, but the effects are starting show in me. Over the last decade, I have become more aggressive, short tempered, and impatient. It’s gotten to the point my pack mates walk on eggshells around me and I hate it. These are the people that I’m supposed to protect. My wolf need for deference is becoming too much.

I sigh. I leave the classroom feeling disappointed as I head to the cafeteria. I step through the cafeteria door and stop when a scent hits my nose. I look around and try following the scent, but honestly it’s too faint for me to track down. From what I smelled, it was fresh, probably thirty minutes old.

I smiled. My mate was here in this cafeteria about an hour ago. She’s here. The relief and joy I feel is so strong, I start laughing. Finally.

“Alpha?” James calls out cautiously. I face him and find him looking at me like I lost my mind. Maybe I have. I wave off his concern and stand in line for the food.

I thought I told you to call me Dimitri I mind link him.

All the people in here are supernaturals. I thought you said that because we were in the presence of humans. He responds. I say nothing because his reasoning is sound and my wolf is too giddy about coming coming across my mate to care.

After we’ve stacked our plates we food, I hesitate a little about sitting with James. It might be difficult for him since I know how I can be and I want him to have opportunity to relax some. However, my concern dissipates when he leads me to a circular table and introduces me to his friends.

“Hey, guys this is Alpha Dimitri.” James says as we sit down. The blond haired girl at the table punches him in the arm.

“What did I tell you about calling me a guy.” The girl says. She faces me and smiles at me sweetly. “Hi, my name is Jennifer. This idiot here is my brother, Jake.” She gestures to the male sitting next to her. They have same dirty blond hair and hazel colored eyes.

“Hello.” Jake greets me. “I’m not the idiot in the family, she is. Since she’s the idiot, she always mixes us up.”

“No, I’m pretty sure that it’s you.” Jennifer tries to whack Jake’s head but he dodges. I smile at their antics.

“Whatever helps you sleep at night.”

“Could you two stop?” James interrupts them. Next to Jake is a young man. His skin is dark brown and his hair was curly at the top with faded sides. He has a lot of dominance coming from him. He has the potential to become an Alpha or Beta.

“My name is John.” He says. Right after he say that two black girls come to the table. One them sits next to John and the other one sits between the siblings. “And this is my mate, Jordan.”

“Hello, Alpha.” She says with bow of her head. Her skin is a couple shades lighter than John’s. Her shoulder length hair is made of black and purple plaits. I could tell from her scent that she is some sort of witch.

“Hello.” I say, returning her greeting with a nod of my head.

“This is my best friend and my brother’s mate, Jane.” Jennifer says. “This is Alpha Dimitri.”

“Nice to meet you Alpha Dimitri.” Jane says. Jane has the same skin tone as John. Her hair is styled into a bob. I return her greeting. We start eating.

“So why did you transfer schools in the middle of the year?” Jennifer asks. “Did you get expelled from your other school or are you like the other alphas here and are trying to find your mate?”

“I am trying to find my mate.” I tell her.

“Which pack are you from?” Jane asks. I contemplate how honest I want to be.

“This one.” I answer.

“Oh really? Which city?”

“All of them.” Jordan stands up suddenly and looks at me shocked.

“You’re the Alpha King of the Crescent Pack?” Jordan asks. At her question, everyone at the table except James stops eating.

“Yes.” I tell her.

“But, but the Alpha King is old and has a terrible temper. You don’t seem like that at all.” She says as she sits back down. I laugh.

“Both of those things are true. Since I am mateless, I stay like this physically and I am more aggressive. However, I caught the scent of my mate earlier so my wolf is content at the moment.”

“You found your mate’s scent? Where?” James asks.

“Earlier. It was faint and difficult to track.” I tell him.

“She must have A lunch.” John tells me.

“Yeah, you could try to switch your lunch time.” Jake suggests.

“That won’t be hard for you to pull off.” James adds.

“I’ll do that.” I say with a nod of my head. The rest of lunch goes on pleasantly.

The rest of my classes goes the same. My mate is not in any if them and I don’t catch her scent again. After school, I drive to James home. I had offered to take him home, but he declined. James stayed at school because he has football practice. I enter the house and come across James’s older sister, Layla.

“Hello, Alpha King Dimitri.” She says while bowing deeply.

“You don’t have to be so formal, Layla.” I tell her.

“I must, my Alpha King. I value my life.” She smiles and I smile back. I head to the guest room that is functioning as my room for the time being. I was going to stay at the pack house but it is too far away. From the school for my liking. I lie down and take a nap.

I don’t know how much time passes before I am woken up by James shaking me awake. I growl at him. He bares his neck to me. I grab his neck and squeeze it gently before letting it go.

“Sorry, Alpha.” He says.

“What did you want that you were willing die for?” I ask him. I hate being woken up He smiles brightly. That recovery. I roll my eyes. Young people.

“There’s a party at Brock’s house. Everyone always go. Your mate might be there.” I perk up immediately and jump out of bed.

“Let’s go.“I quickly change and head out the door. I sit in the passenger seat of James’s car. “Come on.”

“Yes, Alpha.” James laughs.

It doesn’t take us long to get the party. The house is large it reminds me of a pack house because of it size. There is already a large amount of people here. How am supposed to find her in all of this?

I smile. Sounds like a challenge. I look back at James.

“Don’t do anything stupid.” I tell him and set off before he has a chance to respond.

I step through the front door. I’m hit with her scent. I begin tracking it. As I follow the scent, I crash into a girl.

“Sorry.” I say and try to step around her, but she stops me.

“Not so fast.” She purrs. “I’m so upset. You can make me feel better.” I pull her hands away from me.

“I’m not interested.” I step around her. I continue to follow the scent of my mate. I step through the double doors that lead to the back yard. I turn to my left.

There she is. My mate. My human mate.

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