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(M) Hormonal Bitch (Bunch of Bitches book 4)

Chapter title: Big dicks and pretty faces

Story description: The last thing I expected when I told my boyfriend of two years that I was pregnant with his baby was to kill it. That little shit! Fuck him! To deal with the heartbreak, I fucked the hottest guy I met at club, Zeon, a fine specimen of man.

My life become a bit of mess when I discover dead body in my school while I was trying to go take a piss. On top of that, I keep getting visions of my ex’s mate getting killed. When she goes missing, all of sudden it’s my fault. If they don’t miss me with that nonsense. I didn’t kill the bitch. Now I got a lot of people coming after my fine black ass.

Story genre: Romance

Tags: age gap, witch, psychic, shifter, werepanther, warlock, wizard, magic, pregnancy, black woman, love

Chapters written: 5


A/N: I wrote this while I was high on inspiration (I no do drugs lol). So this is the first book I wrote where the mature content is the very first chapter. Also, everything here is subject to change as I work on the story.

So yeah mature content warning.

“I’m pregnant,” I tell my boyfriend of two years. I stare into his amber eyes. I take in his curly brown hair that is shaved on the side and medium length on top, his high cheekbone, his chiseled jaw. He is a vision of perfection. I watch him as the feeling of dread fills me.

“Are you sure it’s mine,” he asks. I look at him in shock.

“What the hell, Aiden? Of course, it’s yours. Why aren’t you excited? You’ve always talked about having a family.”

“Mila, we’re only 17. We’re too young to start a family.”

“Well, you should’ve thought about that when you decided to not use protection. What do you expect me to do?”

“Get rid of it.”

“Aiden, I’m not killing our baby!”

“Mila,” he steps towards me, his eyes turning a dark brown. That’s when I get a feeling of danger. Without a second thought, I pull my gun from my purse and pistol whip him, causing Aiden to stumble back. I’m hit with a series of visions as I point the gun at his chest.

“It’s loaded with silver bullets,” I tell him with a straight face. His eyes widen and change back to its normal amber color.

“Are you fucking crazy?”

“Just evening the playing field. You can easily rip me to shreds as quickly as I make you look like swiss cheese. When were you going to tell me that you found your mate, you cheating bastard?” Unfortunately, during that pistol whip, my bare hand touched his face, giving me a glimpse of his past. Thankfully, it was only a month’s worth of information, so I wasn’t overwhelmed.

“I was going to tell you after-”

“After you what? Mated her? I touched you, you idiot. I know what you were planning. Get out.”


“I said get out. I’m keeping this baby. If you want to a part of its life, great. If you don’t, even better.”

I keep the gun pointed at him as he walks out the front door. I put my gun away after I lock the door. I wait until I know he’s out of earshot before I break down and start crying. I should’ve seen it coming. For the past couple of months, I was felt uneasy. I thought it was stress due to my job.

On top of that, he was being distant for the past month, spending less time with me and barely even touching me. I was so focused on making sure my house was in order. After a few minutes of purging my feelings, I wipe my tears away.

I place my hand over my slightly rounded stomach. I know that I can only be a month along, but shifters tend to gestate for a shorter amount of time. If I remember correctly, it should be around 6 months.

“Embry, your father failed you,” I tell my baby. “Even worse, I failed you. I knew I wasn’t his mate, and my stupid self still stayed with him. I just...” I just hoped that he would never meet her. I stand up. Get over it, you sappy bitch.

Well, I’m single now. I think I’m going to go out and celebrate. I go into my bathroom, wash up. I step out and head into my closet. I look for something sexy to wear. I put on a low cut shirt, sheer tights, and a tight, short skirt. I throw on some heels, put on some makeup, and then head out the door.

I get in my car and drive. Since Lake Tein is a small city, all the good clubs are an hour away. I play calming music as I drive. I make it to a nearby city. I stop by The Merge but the bad vibes I’m getting have me moving onto the next club. Nothing good will come from me going there tonight. I keep driving until I end up at a club I’ve never heard of. I know I will have a good time here. I put on my gloves before getting out of my car.

I get in line. I flash the bouncer my fake ID and enter the club. The place is packed, and the music is good. I don’t plan on drinking but do plan on dancing like a madwoman and getting laid. I walk into the fray, letting the music take control of my body.

I don’t know how long I was dancing before I feel a pair of hands on my hips. My body heats at the touch. Whoever he is, he’s the one. I continue to dance, grinding against my new dance partner. He spins me around, and I come face to face to piercing blue eyes. The club’s dark so it’s hard to make out the rest of his features. I can tell that he’s taller than me. He gestures to go somewhere more private. I nod my head.

He releases my hips, and my body instantly misses his heat. He grabs my hand. Even then, I feel his heat through my glove. He leads me to a private room. He turns and faces me. I take the time to take him in, in the well-lit room. He’s dressed in a black business suit as if he just came from a meeting. He has a close-shaven beard and mustache that matches his medium-length black hair that is gelled back and swept off to the side. I wasn’t aware that I was into facial hair until seeing it on him.

He has full lips, a sharp square jaw, and cheekbones. On the dance floor, I was aware he was taller than me but I didn’t know how big he was- is. His body dwarfs mine, making me feel tiny. He’s older than me, by more than just a few years. I meet his eyes again and see that he was checking me out as much as I was checking him.

“What’s a sweet thing like you doing in a place like this,” he asks, his voice rumbling. I almost moan. That voice is doing things to me.

“Looking for a good time and I think that might be you,” I answer. He groans. His large hand cups the back of my neck as he pulls me in for a kiss. I grab the jacket of his suit, pulling him closer to me. I moan as I feel his tongue against my lips. I open up and give him access. His tongue slips into my mouth. I moan at the taste of him.

He groans as he presses me against the wall and grinds himself against me. He pulls away briefly, only to pick me up. I wrap my legs around him as he presses me against the wall again, his hands kneading my bottom. He places wet kisses on my neck and collar, nipping and biting as he moves. I moan, grabbing his hair.

“Please,” I beg him, not really sure what the hell I’m asking him to do. I can barely think straight, but then he does the unthinkable. He stops, and I whimper. I think I might kill him.

“You, enchantress, deserve more than a quick fuck in the back of a club,” he says, looking me in the eye. “There’s a hotel nearby that we can go to. You want to meet there?”

I nod my head. He places me on the ground and readjusts my clothes. I can’t help but smile at his actions as I fix my weave.

“Do you have a name, Enchantress,” he asks.

“You can call me Mimi,” I tell him.

“Mimi, I’m Zeon.”

“Zeon,” I say, testing his name on my lips. He smiles at me, his dimples showing. He holds my hand and leads me out of the club. I can walk out here just fine. I don’t need his help, but I enjoy continued contact.

“Where did you park your car,” Zeon asks. “I want to make sure you get there safely.”

“It’s this way, I think,” I tell him, leading him in the general direction of my car. Once I find it, I get in my car.

“I’ll see you later, Enchantress,” he says tapping the top of my car. I nod my head and drive off. Ok, Mila, this is your chance to change your mind. It’s too late because I want him.

Once I make it to the hotel, I sit, waiting for him in the lobby. I don’t know what prompts me but I turn and glance at the entrance of the hotel. It’s at that moment Zeon enters in all his glory. Without thinking, I walk over to him and interlace our fingers. I lean my head against his large biceps as we head to the front desk. He speaks to the receptionist, but I’m not really listening to what’s being said. I just enjoy the sound of his melodic voice.

Soon, we’re in our hotel room. As soon as the door shuts behind us, we’re at each other. He lifts me, and I wrap my leg around him, moaning as he kisses me. He presses me into the bed, pulling back to take off his jacket. I stand to stop him from unbuttoning his shirt.

“Allow me,” I tell him, grabbing his shirt. I twist his body and shove him onto the bed. I’m fully aware that he’s letting me, but I don’t care. I straddle his hips and unbutton his shirt, kissing his skin as I move down. Zeon sits up as I pull his shirt off, tossing it behind me. I kneel on the floor to take off his shoes and socks. My eyes meet his briefly as I unbuckle and unzip his pants. He’s been quiet the whole time I undressed him, but his eyes convey his arousal. He lifts his hips as I pull his pants down. His erect dick springs free. It’s big, like the rest of him, but I ignore it and remove his pants, tossing it aside.

“You clean,” I ask him. The question is only a formality. The supernatural can’t catch diseases like humans do, but he never revealed that he wasn’t human. I can’t let him know that I know that, even though I can’t pinpoint what type of supernatural he is.

“Yeah,” he answers. “Are you?”

I nod my head and lean against his right knee. Aiden was the only person I’ve ever slept with so I know I’m clean. I place a trail of kisses on his muscular thigh until I reach his dick. I take the tip of it into my mouth. I take as much as I can fit into my mouth and grip what I can’t with my hand. I bob my head up and down. I’ve never given a blowjob before but based off the sounds Zeon’s making, I must be doing a good job. I move faster. He calls out my name as he orgasms, his cum filling my mouth. I swallow as much of it I can.

“My turn,” he says as he pulls me and switches our positions. He pulls my shirt over my head, tossing it. He reaches for my gloves.

“The gloves stay,” I say, stopping him. He doesn’t say anything but raises an eyebrow at me. I can’t touch him with my hands. I already know too much about him. I know that he wasn’t at that club to party. I know that things didn’t go his way and I know that he needs this as much as I do. That’s already too much information to know about a stranger I just wanted sex from.

Zeon shifts his focus from my gloves to my skirt. He unzips my skirt. Then pulls everything down, stopping at my ankles to take off my shoes. He drops my clothes, leaving me almost as naked as he is. He stands over me, taking in my nudity as if he’s trying to memorize it. I scoot further onto the bed. His eyes become darker as he tracks the movement.

He climbs onto the bed and keeps moving until he’s on top of me. He kisses me, his tongue darting out to my lips. I open my mouth once again, returning his kiss with fervor. He moves from my lip, kissing my neck. He moves lower, kissing my breasts. He takes a nipple of one into his mouth and plays with the other using his hand. I moan, arching my back and pressing his head closer to my body as he ravishes me.

He releases my breasts and moves lower. He lowers his head to my vagina, pressing his tongue to my core. I gasp. Grabbing his hair, I press him closer. I grind against his face as pleasure builds and builds inside me until I explode, my body going limp. I pant as he sits up.

“Hands and knees, Enchantress,” Zeon says. I shiver at the command in his voice.

“Yes, sir,” I tease, quickly moving to do as he says. He grabs my waist, and I feel him line up his dick with my entrance. Then I feel him slowly enter until he’s all the way in. He pauses every now and then, giving my body time to adjust to his size.

Then he moves, pumping in and out of me at a quick rate. I moan as I push back against him, meeting him stroke for stroke. It isn’t long before I orgasm with Zeon doing the same. He pulls out and turns me over, spreading my legs.

“Are you up for round 2,” he asks, poking his dick at my core.

“More than ready,” I tell him, pulling down to me. “Now stop teasing me.”

I yelp as he slams into me without warning. It quickly turns into a moan as he kisses my lips in apology. My hands roam over the parts of his body that I can reach. My gloves become a hindrance. I want to feel him. I want to-. Thoughts cease as I come.

We go through several rounds of sex before washing up. This is followed up with more rounds of sex before falling asleep. I wake up snuggled against Zeon’s chest. I check the time and see that it’s 2 o’clock in the morning. I slip from his arms, replacing my warmth with a pillow. I look down at his sleeping form, just admiring him.

Am I being creepy? I think I’m being creepy. I quietly get dressed and gather my things. I take one last look at him before I leave the room, shaking the feeling of regret. I shouldn’t be so attached to a guy I had a one night stand with. It could be the fact that I sensed that he’s a good man. A man who would be horrified to know my age. Hopefully, he’ll get over that shit when he finds out.

If we meet again. I walk to my car, wincing as I move. Try as I might, the certainty I feel about seeing him again doesn’t go away. I wince again as I sit in my car. Man, Zeon did not hold back on me. I really know how to pick ’em. I sigh. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a big dick and pretty face.

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