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(M) Undying

Chapter title: Ch.1 for the first time in........ Ever and Ch. 2 Undying Evergreen chapter 1

Story description: “Congratulations, you have found the mystery book. This book will be yours to keep.”

I didn’t even know the library was doing this event and I practically live here. Hold on, let me tell you my story. My name is Erina Williams. I live with my mom and my older sister and her kids. I live a basic life. I’m loud, I’m bold, well, only in my head and with my family. I’m what people would call a tall glass of chocolate milk. Do people really say things that? IDK. However, things change for me when I actually win something for the first time in my life. I win a free book from the library. The book was strange. It didn’t have an author or a description, but the cover was pretty.

When I get home and open the book, I note that the story is written in a diary format. It is about a girl named Evergreen. Her life is utterly depressing, but I find myself wanting it to get better. To be honest, I get attached to the main character. Have you ever had that feeling when you just love the main character so much you just want to dive into the book and kill everyone but the main character? Is it only me? Anyways, I’m halfway through the book when I’m about to lose hope for a happy ending. That very night, I fall asleep reading these words:

“I silently scream ‘help me, help me’ but no one would dare. For that is a death sentence.”

Who would have thought that these words would have changed my life forever?

I wake up the next morning as Evergreen. I’m her! I can’t believe it! My strong desire to help Evergreen has caused us to switch places. Souls? Bodies? Now I’m stuck living her miserable life. I regret nothing. I want her happy. It’s just that...

I’m white.


I don’t know how to deal with that. Hold on, I do know how to deal. I’m Erina. Whether I get to go home or not, there will be a happy ending or I will die trying. However, things are not as simple as they seem. Things get complicated and messy and weird to be honest.

Read my story to find out what happens.

Story genre: Romance

Tags: abuse, kings, marriage, queen, royalty, isekai

Chapters written: 9


A/N: I’ve this story sitting in draft for at least two years and I finally know what direction I want this story to go. So yeah. Also feel like the story description is a little too happy, so I might change that in the final version.

Ch.1 for the first time in........ ever

I pass through the double doors of the library and wave to the staff as go to the adult section of the library. Mr. Leronzo and Ms. Smith smile in greeting as I pass them.

I’m not sure if I want to search for books alphabetical order or by genre. I’ll do alphabetical. I might even find a hidden gem. I love finding those. There’s nothing like finding a good book where you didn’t expect it.

An hour passes and I have three books that I like. Another hour passes and I find four more. By the time fourth hour passes, I have stack of 22 books in my arms. I think this is enough to last me a week.

I’m about to turn to leave and check out my books when a book catches my attention. I place my large stack of books on the floor and walk over to the book that has caught my eye. I pull it from the shelf. One thing that I notice about it is that it is light despite how thick it is. I looks like it is a thousand pages thick. I smile. It might take me a day to read it. I almost bounce in excitement at the thought. The book is brown and the cover looks like it is imitating a worn leather book. On the corner of it there is a drawing of a red wax seal with a finger print embedded in it. I touch it with my thumb. I look at the title, Undying Evergreen. This seems interesting.

I place the book in the bottom of the stack and check out the books. When Ms. Smith scans Undying Evergreen, she smiles at me.

“Congratulations, you have found the mystery book. This book will be yours to keep.” She announces.

“What?” I ask completely perplexed. I won something? There must be some type of error going here. “How?”

“You found the mystery book so you get to keep it.”

“Oh, alright. Thanks.” I decide to not to question it. Nothing to see folks. Just a Winner!!!

“You’re welcome. Have a nice day Erina.”

“You too.”

I walk out of the library with my books in two bags and in a haze and enter my car. I shake my head I try to get over this. As I drive home, I try to figure out which book to read first. I still can’t believe I won something, and it was by accident. Yeah, still not over it.

I park my car in the driveway and quickly enter the house. I am greeted by my nieces and nephews as they swarm me and give me hugs.

“Aunt Rina!” They yell.

“Hey guys.” I tell them as I return their hugs. I’m careful not to hit them with my books. After I make sure nobody needs me for anything, I retreat into my room. Once I am in my room I spread my books. I carefully look at each cover, trying to reach a decision on which book to read first. Oh, what to choose, what to choose? My eyes then land on my prize. This might be the book. Might as well open it. I climb onto bed and get comfortable.

I flip the book open. The first couple pages are blank, but then I come across the words Diary of Evergreen. So the main character’s is Evergreen. The next page marks the start of chapter.

Ch. 2 Undying Evergreen chapter 1

A/N: Pysch! It’s Erina! The author is letting me wreak havoc here. Anyways, what is happening in this chapter is that I’m reading the book. The words from the book Undying Evergreen will be in bold. Now this might annoy some people but I like to comment while I’m reading so it’s going to get interrupted by me. If that doesn’t make sense, then it will hopefully it will. Also, I would like to point out that you are reading what I am reading. Oh yeah, the songs are kind of a hint of what is going to happen in each chapter. The author wanted me to tell you that last part.

Chapter 1

January 21

Mother and Father gave me this journal for my 21th birthday today.

Hey, we have the same birthday!

They told me to write my thoughts in here. It will be a sort of santuary for me. No one will be able to read the content except me. I only wish that they had thought to give it to me earlier. I know they love me but I feel like they are ashamed of what I am. If not ashamed, then frighten, I believe.

I remember the day they discovered that I was different. I was ten years old and we were on a family vacation when we were robbed at gun point. My parents refused to cooperate until the robbers took hold of me. After that, my parent were cooperative, but as punishment for their earlier rebellion, I was shot in the head. I woke up an hour later in my mother’s arms. When she realized that I was completely unharmed and awake, she shrieked and dropped me.

“NO!” She cried as she backed away from me.

Really? If my child died and came back to life I would like “Praise the Lord!” and do a happy dance for at least a year.

It still hurts to think of that memory.

January 22

I attempted to convince Father to let me have a season. It did not go well. I had asked him during breakfast. I had finished eating when I had finally gathered the courage to ask.

“Father.” I started. He paused what he was doing and gazed at me. “Would it be possible for me to come out at the next season?”

“No.” He answered bluntly.

“But Father, I am of marriageable age.”

“You are not ready.”

“But I am. I’ll behave.”

“No and that is final. I do not want a repeat of what happened last time.” Of course, he brings that up. When I was twelve years old, I fell off a cliff with a friend who was the son of a nobleman while were playing at his estate. Which resulted in me losing a friend and that particular nobleman hating us since I survived and his son died. Father sold our estate in that town and we moved because living there became unbearable.

“That was only one time and I was a child. I’m sure nothing like will happen again.”

“My answer is No and that is final!” I stood up. I couldn’t understand.

“Do you wish to keep here for the rest of my life Father? Like I’m a shameful secret?”

Father didn’t respond. He just resumed eating as if I did not say a word. I left the table and ran to my room and cried.Sometimes, I find it so difficult to get him to truly listen to me. It’s like I’m talking to a brick wall.

The rest of my day went on as usual. I took lessons from my private tutor and spent time within the wall of the house.

I feel frustrated at the situation. I need to spend time with people my own age or at people that I am not related to. The tutor doesn’t count. He is paid to spend time with me. I’ll try to find something to convince Father tomorrow.

January 23

I spent the first of my day searching for any type of information about people who are different like me. I didn’t find much, only about our king and his twelve wives.

That’s a lot wives. o.O

What was strange was that I could not find out much about him or the queens. I only discovered that each of them had a special power. However, I couldn’t find out what.

It frustrates me, even now, but this something that I might be able to use convince my father.

After I had completed my lesson, I ambled through the house in search of Father. I ended up bumping into Mother. I thought this might be might chance to convince pull her to my side and have her convince Father.

“Hello, Mother.” I greeted her.

“Hello, Ever.” She responded. I stepped closer to her.

“How are you?”

“I am quite fine, and you?”

“Well, since you’ve asked. I would be great if you could convince Father to let me attend more social gatherings.”

Smooth. Real smooth.

“Evergreen.” I knew then that I lost her to my cause, but I wanted to keep trying.

“Mother, please. I can’t live like this. I feel like a prisoner, as if I have done something wrong when the only wrong thing I’ve done is exist.” My voice breaks towards the end.

Girl, you sound oppressed. Just leave. Live on the street.

“I will not argue with your father on this. You will have to endure this.”

I walked away from her with tears filling my eyes. That is how I spent the rest of my day. Crying. That is all I seem to these days. No, that’s not true. I’ve been crying since I was ten and realised my life would never be the same. The only thing that has changed is now I have a written record of how many days I have spent crying. I can’t help but feel as though I’ll never be free to be.

Girl, I wish I could hug you right now.

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